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NSW Black Suzuki DRZ400SM 2012

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by BrassoMan, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. [RECOVERED] Black Suzuki DRZ400SM 2012

    Stolen from me today, on the 25/7/2012 at the Dumaresq st Cinama Campbelltown was my Black Suzuki DRZ400SM 2012.
    No more than 4500k's and no visible damage.

    Full Yoshi system with carbon pipe, jets and airbox to suit
    Barkbuster handguards
    Two days before the theft it was fitted with a new Michelin Pilot Activ rear tyre. Still had chicken strips.

    Rego: OJM24
    VIN: JS1B8111300101276
    Engine: K419189630

    I doubt I'll be seeing it again. When it was stolen it had the steering lock on and my helmet in the helmet lock. Left it unattended between approximately 3pm and 6pm..

    If you see it, give me a buzz.

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  2. All the best bud. So i take it there was no cameras around or witnesses?
  3. Cheers. There is a convenience store right next to where it was nicked but they didn't see anything, and neither did their cameras.
  4. Shit. Those scumbags.

    Tell me you had insurance.
  5. No insurance, thought I took pretty good care of it. Cops left a message this morning that they've found it. I don't know where it is yet or what condition it's in.
  6. I suppose its better than them not finding it yeah?

    No insurance :S I suppose its what you want but man always have theft as a minimum :S for cases like this I hope you find it in good nick aye.
  7. Good to hear it's been found. What condition is it in?
  8. I hope you learned a lesson and have your baby insured, hope theres no damage on it.
  9. Farken hell... You bought a brand new $8K+ bike with all nice mods and don't insure it? Very glad to hear you got it back (probably), but dude - buy yourself some fire/theft insurance!!!
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  10. So glad to hear you got it back! Even a damaged bike is better than no bike at all
  11. Any updates? How is the bike?
  12. good advice as its not that expensive to insure it this way
  13. Talked to the guy at the holding yard and I can't pick it up until the DNA check has been done. He says the ignition has been messed with. I assume they've broken the steering lock too. I'll be calling back tomorrow and hopefully picking her up.
  14. Let us know how it goes.
  15. That's just off Queen street right? Man.. from memory that place was pretty open, can't believe no-one saw anything.. though being campbelltown.. no-one would've cared.. no offense to people in the area... It's like Bankstown... or Blacktown ... or Redfern...

    Take home message.. try not to leave it unattended, and definitely invest in some theft cover!

    Hope they didn't do too much damage to it.
  16. My DRZ400SM was stolen last year and they forced the steering lock which ended up bending the frame = write off :(

    Fortunately I WAS insured, but I still feel your pain. If you're registered with a e-toll account check the RTA cameras via the police - they might have snapped them.

    Seems DRZs are pretty easy to steal - I always chain my back wheel and arm my ~$25 eBay alarm just for peace of mind. Best of luck mate...
  17. you got the bike back same day!?
  18. Picked her up today. Took a bit of work with the electrics to get her roaring again, but I managed to ride her home. There's all sorts of damage ranging from scratches on my Yoshi, to a missing instrument panel and ignition switch (they took those off wtf?). She runs well though and with a bit of work she'll be close to how she was before. Thanks for the support.
  19. Good news, could have been much worse.
  20. Lucky for that outcome :-O