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black spur

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GixaJace, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Guess who I saw today hiding on a hill in camo?

  2. Camo can't be that good if you saw them :LOL:
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  3. Luckily was in the car with the missus & kids. I was suprised to see them up there again. I was like " there they are, there they are!!" She was like " what? Turn around!". But I didn't want to cross the white line because who knows what they'll book u for
  4. Next time, stop, get off, and walk straight over them......camo so couldn't see them!
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  5. Would love to sit before the crest with a warning sign but anyone who needs to know, knows the spot so most riders have enough sense not to speed thru there anyway. The thing that amazed me today while driving the car that all the slow drivers used the slow car then off point. Happened 5 times, but on the bike none of the cagers ever pull off! Wtf?!
  6. I'm actually going on a ride to black spurs soon for the first time, where exactly was this, on one of the straights or?
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  8. Alright thanks a lot mate!
  9. Please note that I moved this thread to Politics etc, because Forum policy is that the Police being in a location is not a Road Hazard. That thread is exclusively for notification of road works, surface changes, broken bridges, etc.
  10. My concern here it that it's also the spot where very slow traffic decide to speed up just as you try to overtake, which is also illegal, pushing the overtaker over the limit. But the cops never ticket that offence up there.
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  11. I know, I hate that. Anyway fact of the matter is they think enough time has lapsed & they're there again. Not that anyone is stupid enough to speed thru the black spur but who knows where they'll be next. I'm dreading the day they ruin the other roads. I know I can't get into a flow when I'm staring at my speedo
  12. If the cops stooped that low up in QLD here I've got a mate who loves to catch snakes and he's always up for a bit of mischief. They'd have to be non venomous.
  13. For ages my riding mates have been peeved off that I won't follow them & overtake on solid white lines (even though it's safe on a bike and there's plenty of vis). Instead I've always waited for legal overtaking options. And yes, I've found that this is where cars speed up too. To date I've ignored their encouragements (and the odd complaint) from my fellow riders and have done my best to remain as legal as possible. (With the exception that I might speed to get past a car safely whilst overtaking)...

    However now - I have never been more tempted to change my mindset and follow them than now. It seems VicPol may have managed to do what my fellow riding mates have failed: To consider overtaking where it's not legal because it's going to be 'safer' now to overtake at these locations than to wait for the few or only legal overtaking zones that are the targets for camo cops.

    Unless someone can tell me why should I bust myself to try and do the right thing at and only overtake at those spots when it's people like me that they seem to be deliberately targeting for a easy fine? We wait for the legal place to overtake - just to find that we might creep over a little to get back safely in time if the person in front accelerates (which happens more often than not) and they're hiding to catch exactly that?!?
  14. Just have to accept that the black spur is just place to cruise. Back right off to 50kph on the straighten. Hold all the cars up then just get a nice speed up for all the corners is all u can do there. Don't even bother overtaking.
  15. It's not just the Black Spur!


    Green-clothed police like Senior Constable Sam Thorley are catching speeding motorists. Picture: Mitch Bear

    MORE than 80 speeding motorists have been nabbed during a controversial covert police operation.

    Geelong Highway Patrol officers swapped their blue garb for varying shades of camouflage green on Thursday to weed out dangerous drivers on the Geelong Ring Road.

    Senior Constable Sam Thorley said “unpopular” operation detected about 16 speeding drivers an hour on Thursday afternoon, highlighting police concern for adherence to the law.

    Geelong Police have resorted to camouflage in order to catch speeding motorists.

    “We get a lot of high speeds on the Ring Road and complaints about bad driving,” he said.

    “While we were quite pleased we didn’t get any speeds higher than 124km/h, which we’ve seen in the past, by the same token to get the amount we did in such a short period of time shows people out there are still prepared to run the gauntlet.”

    Senior Constable Sam Thorley are hiding to catch speeding motorists.

    The hidden operation sees plain-clothed officers, armed with a radar gun and video cameras, hide in bushes in an attempt to detect dangerous drivers.

    Once a speeding driver is identified, camouflage police radio to waiting uniform officers parked down the road.

    Sen-Constable Thorley said police made no apologies for the concealed nature of the sting and would continue to implement the undercover operation right across the region’s high-risk locations.

    Geelong Police have resorted to camouflage in order to catch speeding motorists.

    “A lot of people weren’t very happy when they were pulled over but we make no apologies, they’ve done the wrong thing,” he said.

    “If you don’t speed you have nothing to worry about.

    “Nearly all those caught were locals who know the road and the issues associated with it.”