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Black Spur warning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. The police are out in force. They have multiple hidden locations throughout the spur to catch riders. Long range cameras, hidden radars and walkie talkies to get you. There were up to eight different marked/unmarked vehicles there yesterday, with plenty of people catching the train home.

    Don't complain you weren't warned!

  2. wow! :eek: thanks for the warning lil
  3. all over the place today too. i dont think it will be letting up till summer is over, judging by what the cop said to me. rego/roadworthy/booze checks all round guys, topped off with cops hiding in bushes with cameras, unmarked cars at either end and throughout, and two marked bikes...

    i swear theyre building a Krispy Kreme in Narbethong or something :evil:
  4. Nice day, weekend, back spur.......police! :roll: :roll:
    What a surpirse.

    Try weekdays.

    Good thing though. If they are all up the spur, they're not anywhere else! :wink:
  5. theyre up there weekdays too :evil:

    had the blue SS unmarked, and a patrol car up there. radioing each other, so u think ur fine once ur past, but the other is hiding somewhere....

    this was both Tuesday and Friday. arrrgh :roll:
  6. i'm guessing they figure with WSB on there are a lot of riders on the spur they can catch
  7. I rode past as they were setting up on Reefton this morning. I watched with some amusement as one of them clambered into the bushes to find a good hiding spot...
  8. That's not funny. They're not meant to be playing hide and seek anymore.
  9. maybe he was taking a piss ;) innocent until proven guilty!

    oh wait :roll:
  10. What seems to have happened, is that the cops have discovered that whole "Black Spur Racing Team" thing, and want to stop it.
  11. Care to elaborate?
  12. fan farking tastic. theyre camping out reefton too. what's next, rockclimbing and abseiling on st andrews-kinglake to find a good hidey hole?

  13. Yeah, BB. I was in that roadhouse thingy recently, and was told by the staff that the cops had been in, and were asking about the BSRT, and the stickers etc. Coppers aren't stupid, and they read forums. The Spur is a highway, so you must expect this sort of response, sooner rather than later.
  14. Sounds to me like it was only a matter of time. It'll die off in a few weeks.
  15. If he was taking a piss he took his gadget (black looking box on a tripod) with him...

    There was also an unmarked car/4WD at the Reefton end setting up a large'ish device facing Cumberland Junction. The guy setting it up wasn't in uniform so I'm not 100% sure it was a cop, but it was around the same time they were setting up the other end...
  16. entrapment???????? :shock:
  17. MVRog, my understanding of the Black Spur Racing Team (BSRT) mugs and stickers was to raise money for sponsorship for some guy who's running in Hartwell or Interclub racing (on a racetrack for those who don't what what those series are), and profits from the stickers and mugs went towards that cause. The "Black Spur" thing was because it was organised by a local business near the Black Spur.

    BSRT does not literally mean that there's some underground racing scene going on at the Black Spur. In concept it's not really any different to YRT stickers (Yamaha Racing Team), or whatever, just on a much smaller scale.

    Of course, such a name obviously is open to confusion and misinterpretation, as you have just displayed, and I guess that in hindsight it has been a regrettable name.

    As for people getting caught on the Spurs, that's been occurring for as long as I've been riding (coming up on 14 years now).

    I've been told by more than a few sources now that much of it is due to various renegade videos on Youtube of late which have been labelled with such idiotic phrases as "From XXX to YYY in under ZZZ minutes", or what is in essence, a time trial on a public road.

    Confusion over BSRT labels is a regrettable thing. Posting on-line videos of time-trials taking place on the road on Youtube is in a whole other league of abject idiocy. I don't know who's been doing those videos at all (and there are/were a number of car based videos there too), suffice it to say that to my (admittedly hearsay limited) knowledge, none of the videos of time trials were ever made and posted by anyone involved in the BSRT fund raising effort.
  18. Perhaps the next step is to lower to 60kph. The cars are doing that speed anyway...
  19. No, that's not entrapment. Where's the lure?
  20. The road has twisties- isn't that lure enough???