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Black Spur - Sun 1st April - no kidding :)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. try again.
    Tomorrow I'm going for a spin.
    Leaving Mulgrave at 9:30 to be at the Spur not long after 10:30.
    Hook up is at the Mobile, cnr Stud 'n' Wellington Rd, Rowville. 9:45 sharp!
    or I'll see you up there.
    This is a level 3 and above ride!

    Cheers Scheff.

    D.M.M. (Dont Mod Me)
    Please remember that the Netrider Events Calendar (https://netrider.net.au/calendar/) is the "source" for announcing details of rides and/or motorcycling related events that are more than just spur-of-the-moment or only a day or two's notice. (as well as some common sense) The Netrider Events Calendar gets a lot more "foot traffic" from users who do not participate in the forums and those who just need to have a quick glance at what's on without wading through this forum.

    or be ready with a bloody good explanation.
  2. sunday Drizzle clearing
    13 / 22°C
    Too good to miss.

  3. april fool~!
  4. Only if you stay at home!
  5. OK, I'll try again (seeing as my last post offended someone :roll: )
    Which direction are you going Scheff?
  6. Don't worry about your post dude, the whole thread was killed :roll:
    We're crossing over the back of the hills, through Emerald, Woori Yallock, Healesville.
    I doubt you'd make it to a hook up at Rowville in time, and you've got Christmas Hills, Toolangi, etc in front of you if you know your way.
    HEADS UP for Toolangi though, the road conditions are poor to fair after the rains went through.

    What do you ride? I'll look out for you in the Spur.
  7. I happen to be heading up that way. Try not to give the slow flourescent yellow CBR250 too much crap, ok??
  8. Ben and I are meeting at the servo in Hampton park at 9.30
    & are heading up the same way.
    might bump into ya on the way up.

    Hakin :wink:
  9. :cool: I'll look out for you as you come past. hehe.
    We're on 748r & Sv1000 (silver)

  10. Should be easy to spot! If you get slapped on the back of the lid when a bike comes past, that was me.... :twisted:
    nah just kidd'n :p, see you up there.

  11. Thread has been locked.
    With an attitude like that, next time it will be removed and possibly your account along with it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.