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Black Spur speed cameras [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hornet919, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. I'm after some advice on challenging a ticket I received on Saturday in the Black Spur.

    Allegedly I got pinged by a laser and video camera hiding in the bushes and pulled over 2-3 km down the road by a car waiting on the side of the road.

    The officer told me that he did not see the footage but was contacted by the detecting officers with a description of my bike. Whilst pulled over they took photographs of my bike.

    It's a hefty fine and 6 month suspension and I would like to see the evidence prior to just accepting the infringement.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Re: Black Spur speed cameras

    Firstly make yourself welcome in the welcome forums as your first post is asking for something and some members take offence to this.
    Secondly, since the offence happened in Victoria place [VIC] in the heading so that you get correct advice.
    As for your question, unfortunately all the officers have to prove is that they did follow this procedure and your goose is cooked
    They have been doing this at the spurs for years.
  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Sorry for any offense. Not intended
  4. If it's a fixed speed camera, you can go into Civic Compliance and ask to see the image. If it's the Police, then I don't think you can unless you take it to court. Even then they'll probably keep it from you as part of their evidence.
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  6. went to up and down the spur twice over the weekend and twice saw the camo clad policemen walking out of the bushes carring their gear and deck chairs, not to mention the two cop cars.

    sorry to say that you'd have to be stupid to speed on the spur these days as it is comon knowelge of the all the cops up there.
    saying that a 50yo rider was killed on sunday in a two vehicle accident.
    sorry to hear about your loss of licence
  7. I've seen some army guys in DCPU's around the spurs training. Not too sure if the guys in their jellybean suits are them or the cops?
  8. Wrong. If you choose to contest it, the prosecution MUST give you all relevant evidence they intend to rely on.
    If they do not you point that out at trial (NOT before) and ask for it (the evidence) to declared be non admissable.
    I've done it. It's fun watching the prosecutor turn purple when he realises that some cowboy copper just cost him the case.....:angel:
    Magistrates don't like it much either.
  9. There's a perfect example of why you should never take legal advice from me. ;)

    Learned something new. Thanks tramp. :)

  10. Did you admit ANYTHING on the day? or more precisely, how did you respond to their questions?
  11. I said very little actually.

    When asked if I had any reason for speeding I just said "no sir".
    I didn't enter in any conversation.

    Thanks for all the replies so far.
  12. hmmmm, that's an admission.

  13. I know hindsight etc, but you should've just said "wasn't me, you got your bikes mixed up, oh btw, I saw another bike that looked just like mine come past at a ridiculous speed!" ;)
  14. Quite.

    I've posted it here before but I'll reiterate it. Never, ever, enter into any conversations with Plod other than what's required legally of you. When they ask you, "what's your excuse..." simply hand over your licence and keep your mouth zipped.

    Or, simply deny it.

    To the OP, what was the alleged speed?

    Certainly, I'd be challenging it, given how you were booked.

    If you're facing a hefy fine and extended loss of licence, then you won't be losing much by taking it to court. The only problem with this approach is that the courts think that as you have the unmitigated gall to challenge the virtuous police and their allegations they'll come down on you harder if found guilty.

    But you may get off with a lesser penalty.

    You'd probably do worse by not getting someone like Tramp to give you professional advice.
  15. When they first started out they lost a few for being dippy and not maintaining a chain of evidence. Which is no doubt why they are now filming.

    Take it to court, get the brief and see what they're actual evidence is, after that make a decision.
  16. or say it could have been the bike you that overtook lol
  17. Plus, by the time it goes to court it could be months....months and months.

    Jeeze if only we all took the court route and clogged up the system.

    Brothers! to arms..
  18. From my thread I made about contesting a speeding fine in June 09, the court case is happening in April with regards to this, some 10 months after the original fine.
  19. Say that the ticket you got was enough to put you over the demerit point edge and youd lose your license,
    if you were to take it to court, would you lose your license for that 10month waiting period or would be be happily driving all that time?
    Seems like a good stall...