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Black spur ride for 109's

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Met up with another 5 109's, and a Valkyrie for a quick run up to marysville and on this morning.

    3 of the 9's have the big air mods, one has a 280 Metzeler rear, two have debaffled pipes, and one had a 80 hp NOS installed.
    Mine is basically stock!.

    The spur has a rep, so it would be interesting to see if we could cut it, cos ground clearance is a bit iffy on these!.
    Well I dont think we slowed down below 90 the whole way, and 140 was often seen between corners, 180 once.
    A whole lotta fun, will get some pics from the guy with the camera and post em. It was just so good to have the bikes all topgether for a run, we even scared a sportsbike rider who thought they were good until we left him in the dust.
    Great sound with 7 of these bikes running together. And we proved that these bikes can cut it in the twisties!
    AND NO MISHAPS! ok, we did wear out the heels on one guys boots, but he will move his foot next time.

    Will post pics when I get em.
  2. I always get a grin when I see multiples of the same bike out for a group ride. It epitomizes the kinship that goes with riding a bike.
  3. Great to hear you are enjoying the new beast Pete..

    Will have to catch up for a ride out your way again soon.. :grin:
  4. You would be welcome to join us.
  5. How'd the ride go?
  6. Contrary to some of the other posts - we had no issues, except people towing boats on the black spur that won't pull over when 20 vehicles are following them!.

    It was a spirited ride, not at legal speeds. No casualties, just smiles.
    200km of fun with 6 109's, and a Honda Valkyrie.
    Nothing too outrageous, but we were cheered off from Marysville, I guess they dont see that many bikes with FAT rears at once. (the bikes, not riders).

    Didn't get to scrape pegs, but boots have a bit less rubber on the heels now!
  7. Might have to catch up for a M109R ride one day Peter. Im in NE Victoria.
  8. +1 thats why we ride :beer: