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Black Spur + Retired QLD'er with caravan=fail

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Envy-t, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Melbourne cup day myself and 6 friends decide to go for a cruisey ride to Lake Eildon. We stopped in Healsville and the tourist traffic was everywhere. When we took off I knew it wasn't going to be Rossi paced, and settled in for a relaxing ride. About 5 minutes into the Spur I watched the rear of my mates bike do an e-swerve mid corner, so prepped myself as well as I could mid corner for the unexpected. Well the unexpected just happened to be an extension mirror atleast 11/2 feet out from the normal mirror and the 4wd and caravan that were attached to it taking up about a qtr/third of MY lane over dbl whites.

    I straightened up so as not to be taken out by the mirror, then got back into the corner quickly as the gravel run off was coming up quick, only to be confronted by his ****ing caravan! I had to brake and get off the gas and hit the gravel. The front washed out instantly and I commando rolled to my feet, with the helmet just touching the road. The bike slid to a stop 1 feet from a 3 post sign and less than 4 feet from a 20mtr sheer drop into shit! I landed parallel with the aformentioned sign about 1 ft from the pole. I ripped the helmet off and picked up the bike. My mate behind me stopped and I screamed go and get his details! He got them as the guy had no idea he had caused havoc.

    So I called him after I limped the bike back into Healsville and he met me to make sure all was ok. His wife was shaking and didn't get out of the car. Turns out her sons have bikes and one just got out of a leg brace after a bad off. So he tells me that he knows his car and it was not over the line but maybe, just maybe the caravan was. I said to him that the van follows what it's attached to. I gave him my details.

    I called around and genuine fairings were going to cost more than the bike is worth. So I looked at the ebay specials of ABS kits delivered for anywhere between 500 us and 700 us dollars. I decided on one that was 619 aus delivered. I called him and said I can get out of it for 1100 bux are you interested rather than going through your insurance? He says he will ring when he gets back to QLD 23rd Nov. I agreed as I didn't want it getting nasty. So Thursday he calls me at 8 am and says I have spoken to my solicitor yadda yadda yadda and they will attribute 50% blame to you, so will you accept 700. I said fine we go through your insurance 1100 or nothing. He rings me back 5 minutes later and says what are your bank details, you will have it this morning. Whala It arrived into my account and I have spent it already!
    So in reality apart from having torn intercostal muscles under my right moob, I am getting a whole new look, and helmet for nothing?

    So that's the short of it. Karma was good to me this week.


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  2. trying to put 50% blame on you!?
    lol at him backing down afterwards
    nice fairings, good that you get the tank as well
  3. Hmmm. While that will remain an unreported accident, if it was reported it would have been a single vehicle accident, particularly if you weren't around to report what actually happened. A great system we have in Victoria for reporting accidents.

    PS: You should have really been off the gas and near to eBraking as soon as you saw the mirror. If you had, you may have slowed enough to not only make a tighter corner, but also to have given the caravan time to pass before you had to turn in. I know, great hindsight, but I'm just going by your description of events.

    PPS: No doubt his wife informed him that he was over the white line, and he needed to pay up.
  4. Glad you're OK mate. That road's becoming an absolute joke.
  5. Glad you're ok, can I ask where you got the fairings from?
  6. Becoming??? You mean is!!
  7. Moto 777 Kowloon hong Kong, They are the original makers, but a loyt of other companies are now selling them as theirs,
    I know a few people who have them on their bikes, You have to drill out some of the holes as they are too small. other than that, they are a good fit.
  8. Shit Marcus glad to hear you're ok.
    Very good stuff with the follow-up.
    Pretty disappointing from the guy, well done.
    I really dunno about black spur on weekends, it's trouble ...
  9. True!

    But whatever it is now, it's going to be more of a joke tomorrow when overtaking over the centre white line will become illegal.
  10. glad to hear you are ok!

    ps, we need a followup photo with all the new fairings! post!!
  11. So. I just got off the phone with the old bloke. He lives 45 minutes from Mckay. He said to me he hopes all is ok and the rest of the cash will be deposited into my account tomorrow! The world does still have honest people in it!

    The new bike with 12cms removed from the pipe.
  12. Looks nice.