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Black spur resurfacing 4-8? March

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Masakali, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. The entire black spur is being resurfaced, freshly laid undertarmac? while riding through today.

    Sign said 4th to 8th or 10th, I don't recall.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. The Vic Roads site is saying:

    Maroondah Highway, Fernshaw
    Monday 4 to Friday 8 March, 8.00am - 5.00pm
    Near Fernshaw Reserve (Black Spur)
    Lanes closed in each direction as required
    Speed limit reduced to 40km/h
    Traffic controllers on site
    VicRoads periodic maintenance works
  3. Last time I was on the spur (admittedly 5 years ago) the best part of it was super-dooper racetrack-smooth hotmix.

    I can only assume they'll be giving it the same kind of treatment the Council gave to the top part of Macquarie Pass just before Robertson, where they covered the entire road in slippery-as-ice tarsnakes in order to drum up business at the fresh underpants shop and scare off motorcyclists.
  4. Came thru there (Healesville bound) last Monday evening..
    Must have just laid some of it and it was down right dangerous!
    They had 60kph signs up but honestly, struggled to keep it up at 30kph as it was as slimy as ice and both wheels sliding sideways..
    Good off road practice.. haha

    Caution thru there for a while fellas..
  5. vicroads LIE... there was fresh surface up there on sunday 3rd.

    I'm not a road builder but they'd definately already been doing work. surface was rough but didn't SEEM loose... like it had been swept clean.

  6. Indeed. Those long radius super smooth corners were brilliant for testing the limits of adhesion, and a little bit beyond at times he he
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  7. From afar the black stuff they had down looked extra grippy in the heat, and I stupidly thought I could still do a few laps, but it ended up with me going 30kph and the cagers being held up by me for a change.
  8. Resurfacing the black spur? The most pristine and smooth piece of road in Victoria?
  9. yeah wtf??? that road was awesome! thou a few corners had raised sections so maybe itll be better!!! :)

    maybe the same crew that did the island will be doing it
  10. They must have got my email requesting banked corners at last
  11. There's roadworks on the spur again, but this time it shouldn't affect your ride, it's one lane between the esses and the camoflagued campers, so they put in one of the light boxes. Good thing is if your heading inbound towards, the light box makes a perfect buffer, I caught the last group of cars just before maroondah dam.

    I love light boxes!

    Oh yeh, the new resurfacing sucks, ruined the best set of esses in Victoria, which had nothing wrong with them originally.