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Black Spur Reefton Run (Tuesday 29th)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by fortysix, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Hi, we are doing a reefton run, whoever wants to come along is more then welcome.

    We are leaving a bit early, here are the meeting points and times:

    Anyone from the western suburbs can meet us at the plenty road exit on the western ring road at 10am sharp. We will be passing through St.Andrews and Kinglake, Myers Creek Rd to Healseville.

    Anyone from the other side of town can meet us at the Healesville Bakery at around 11am. From here we will do the Blackspur and head up towards Marysville for the Reefton Run.

  2. Damn! I'll be stuck at work.
  3. Hey sounds good, count me and a couple of mates in we were planning a ride then anyway.. we are eastern side so will see you at healsville at 11..


  4. Okay, catch you tomorrow.

  5. Open for anyone?

    I wouldnt mind tagging along.
  6. Open for anyone, more then welcome Speedy3..

  7. darn had today off and only just saw this now...that will teach me to check more then once every 2 days :p

    hope you guys had fun and no police up there (they were there on the weekend pulling every bike over to inspect everythign)
  8. Hey Craigrider, sorry we were an hour late, we got to healesville at 12.

    And Speedy3, what happened? Let me know that you got home. I saw you pass when i was at the servo, and the other guys were waiting for you at the turnoff to marysville.

    Just let me know Speedy3 that you are ok.

  9. Yeah Zears, not much coppers. It was good, but one of us had a little off at Reefton. Nothing major.
  10. haha fortysix we were a bit late too.. but not as late as you! got there 11:15 ish had a drink and someone else arrived 1130ish so we ended up with 4 must of left only 15 mins before you arrived after we decided u had left without us!! ](*,)

    One of our group had a tiny off on reefton aswell.. really minor his stand bottomed out on one of the hairpins so he overshot and just layed it down pretty slowly on some conveniently placed soft grass..

    Only saw one copper in a patrol in healsville till i was coming home thru cranbourne and there was a bike copper and 2 cars!

    Glad you had a good one! maybe we can try and actually meet up next time!


  11. For sure Craig, next time we will organise it a bit better.