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Black Spur Photos

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smitty, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know who was taking photos
    of riders on the Black Spur on Sunday arvo (Feb 19)????

    ..bloke with a 4WD and a FLASH camera was shooting away

  2. Did the 4 wheel drive have red and blue lights on top of it? :cry: :cry:
  3. got no idea!
    .....bloody flash distracted me in the middle of a corner :evil:
    bloke in shorts standing in front of you in short wielding a bloody great camera
    and then 'BLINK' ..flash :shock:

    I only hope the piccie is free :!:
  4. I reckon he should put a little sign before the bend.. like the guys that are doing mowing.. or maybe he is after some good crash photos
  5. A bloke I knew who wore a hole thru the pipe on his 1000RX the first time he took it down the spur, told me of coming around a bend.. right on the limit to find a woman parked around the corner.. on the road. She was on the gravel taking a pic of the view.

    He stood the bike up.. braked manically till the edge of the gravel.. pointed it between her and the car took his hand of the brake and hoped..

    Shot between her and the car and managed to edge it back onto the tar. He reckoned she never knew he was there just a sudden loud noise and a shower of gravel.

    Would have made an interesting photo if she had been facing the other way.

  6. not of me..he aint
    even if I was blinded by the light... :p
  7. There was a bloke on here that gets down there and takes pics of bikes.

    He featured in the Motorcycles & photography thread.
    You know, the one that mattyB used to tell us all how good he was :p
  8. There was also a bunch on bikes parked across the road on Sunday just near the Cumberland junction! The lads were all talking and didn't seem to notice the car I was in approach!! Guess it goes both ways sometimes... :p
  9. You're not going to let that go easily, are you Vic? :grin:
  10. errrr.

    No :grin: