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Black Spur or Woods Point

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pompy, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. I'm heading up Mansfield way again in Feb, looking for opinions for routes. Last time I went through Healsville and the Black Spur up towards Buxton. Am wondering if Woods Point Rd from Warburton through Camberville and on to Marysville is a good option?

    I will be riding solo.

  2. You'll see that route referred to here as Reefton Spur. Even if you haven't heard of it, you need to go and do it for yourself. Classic road, but take some care on the blind corners.
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  3. If you own a Ducati, you may be able to pick up some slightly used spares from along the roadside :LOL:
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  4. Thanks fir the info titustitus did a search on Reefton Spur, looks like it will be a part of my route.
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  5. Do both - Reefton, then Black Spur. Stop for coffee and a chat to other bikers at the bakery in Healesville then back up the Spur and onwards to Mansfield.
  6. Where are you leaving from? There are plenty of options over to the north/north-west; Whittlesea, Heathcote, Wondong, Bradford, Strath Creek, Flowerdale (or Strath Creek then King Parrot Road to Goulburn Valley Highway), Yea, Mansfield. Don't forget to ride to Whitfield from Mansfield!
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  7. Reefton Spur is a fantastic road, as mentioned, just watch those blind corners for wayward 4x4's etc.

    It has less traffic and police presence than the Black Spur too..
  8. I'll be leaving from the Mornington Peninsula, and yep the Mansfield Whitfield road is awesome!!!!
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  9. Do the Eldon Jamieson Road this time.

    At the T intersection on the Reefton Spur go left towards Marysville not towards Woods Point. The Woods Point section is unsealed over large distances although doable on a road bike and quite scenic. You would end up in Jamieson that way as well but the Marysville and Eildon Jamieson is a better option. Sealed all the way,
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