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Black Spur - Kinglake - Chum creek etc etc?????

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I hear people talk about this road and that road up around the Black Spur area..(I now very little of this part of victoria) and I was wondering if someone could explain to me what roads are good roads to go riding on around that area.

    What are some of the routes people take?

    I've got this Saturday/Sunday free and was thinking of doing a bit of a twisty practice.

    Ideas appreciated.

  2. Alot of 'good' biking roads are considered 'dangerous' roads.
    Their saving grace is low traffic or obscure locations that ward off the curses of reduced speed limits & other traffic control measures.

    Open the Melways to the 'Green' pages & look for the wiggly lines that are sealed (no dirt roads).
    Black Spur - Maroondah Hway north of Healsville.
    Reefton spur, Warburaton hway past Warburton , best bit btwn Upper Yarra & road to Lake moutain.

    Kinglake, Yea etc, just look forthe towns & roads in/out of them.
  3. Thanks Marx. I myself consider many 'good' riding roads as dangerous...tis why I like to take it easy on them..ride within my limits..etc etc...whilst having a ball of course. :)

    I'm just after other peoples suggestions of roads to take/towns to pass through. Or should I just get on the bike and explore it all myself? Hmm. Now there's an option. :) I like that idea.

    Will have a look at the melways Marx...Ta. :)
  4. i would love to help you out but i tend to get lost all the time and when i find nice roads....i can never find them again (less i get lots there again!)
  5. One of my favourite routes is from warrandyte to kinglake thru Panton hill and St Andrews. (careful of the tight section near the end) then from Kinglake over the Melba and down chum creek rd to healsville. (careful of the new seal with loose stones in the middle of the lane in 2 sections - if you smell new seal SLOW DOWN)
    Then up the black spur and back and up and back and up and back......

  6. Healesville is a major nodal point. You can venture in many directions from there: Toolangi, Yarra Glen, Woori Yallock, Don Valley, Narbethong and Marysville (Reefton Spur) are the major ones.
    Healesville is at one end of the Black Spur. Narbethong is at the other end.
    Let's know when you're travelling up that way, I'd be happy to show you the ropes...
  7. Hey Rosie, you should have said something to me today... that's my playground... and I'm unlikely to get lost around there honest. The Full moon ride will do most of the roads around the healesville area but starts at 10.30 from Eltham. Little bit of a hike from PI in the morning. If you're interested gimme a yell I'll take you through at a later time.

    Actually this works out as I might be staying over with a friend on friday night (depends how drunk I get) could meet you around caulfield/chadstone area.
  8. Thanks all. Will keep these in mind.

    im.on.it - not sure if I'm gonna get away tomorrow now, these guys are going to take forever to move this stuff today and I'm thinking I might just walk down the road and check out this beach of ours instead. Might even take oldest's surf board and make a fool of myself in front of the experts :grin: Will let you know if I decide to go for a ride. :)

    G - would love for you to show me some of these rds too. Expect a call someday soon. :grin:
  9. No probs Rosie, I reckon you'll have trouble dragging yourself away from the view from your bedroom - or front deck - or back deck in the morning

    Tomorrow's weather will be nicer spent at the beach I'm sure.

    Looks like my drinking session tonight has been cancelled. Guess I'll be sober and fresh for the full moon ride then.

    If you do intend on venturing to the spur in the afternoon give us a ring be happy to hang around healesville to wait for you.
  10. Rosie, give me a call when ever you want to go up that way, I'm always free for a spur run :cool: Sunday is good for me, or Monday, Tuesday..... Anyday, you name the day and I'll be ready :grin:
  11. G'day everyone,.........

    Well what do you know,......
    healsville,.......chum creek rd etc,.........
    Thats where thay hold the Rally of Melbourne each year.
    I am an Official with ROM and go up there each year.
    Never done it on a bike as yet but would love to go,.....
    Are you thinking of around the end of this ,month?
    Sound great.

    Dr Who?
  12. Heading up there now I think...before it gets dark. If anyone's got nothing to do this arvo I'm going to be in Healesville in abt an hr and a half. (6pm).

    Probably do the Black spur and then home again. :) Ya'll welcome to come back to Smith's Beach afterwards - have a few drinks and crash on the kids beds (their Dad just picked them up).

    If you feel like a ride later, give me a call or send me a msg
  13. Rosie, wacth out for the kangaroos!!
  14. Oh no! Kangaroos! :eek:hno:

    :? I'm going anyway. Will take the rifle. :twisted:

  15. Grenades may be more compact.
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to accompany you on this one, I'll be a bit tied up tonight. Have a great ride Rosie. :grin:
  16. J L R ..... :shock: :p :grin:
  17. Afterall, I did give you the opportunity to come... :wink:

    I should hope that you have room in your luggage my dear... :p
  18. If anyone happened to see a chick drop her virago at a Pakenham servo last night - yep, that was me.

    If anyone happened to see a chick drop her virago at that little roadside shop on the way into Emerald - yep, that was me.

    :oops: :LOL:

    Black Spur was fun. I still can't get over how beautiful it is there - especially where the Black Spur sign is. All those ferns amongst the tall trees. Pretty.

    It's my second visit there as I did it on the way back from my trip north. Funny but when I did the rd back then I felt really confident and cool on it. It was quite enjoyable.

    Since then though, I've hardly done any twisty roads and you could notice it last night. I did it once..rode up to Narbethong and then back to Healesville and then I thought WTF and did it again..this time feeling a bit better about it all. Started getting dark so I grabbed tea at Healesville and cruised home.

    BTW, the road between Cockatoo and Pakenham is nice..there's some really nice big round corners there...will be heading back to all this for sure. :)
  19. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it Rosie.
    Not glad to hear about the whoopsy...