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Black Spur Gang?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HANDSY, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. hey
    not sure if this should go here but didn seem to fit anywhere really.
    a mate got caught speeding on the weekend in lilydale. while he was having a chat to the cop a bike rode past tooted and waved, he joked about the cop quickly chasing him and letting him go to which the cop replied that is just an unmarked cop on a bike. he thinks it was an R1, but not 100%. curious why 'unmarked' he asked about this to which the police man replied telling him about a 'gang' that has been riding round the black spur, healsville, yea, kinglake, and immediate area knocking riders off, or at least attempting to. apparently they are riding up along side them, grabbing the handle bars, shoving, doing anything they can to try and push you off, all because they dont want so many people riding on their 'turf', routes...
    does anybody else no about this, heard of it, seen, experienced? its fairly stupid trying to knock someone off, and extremely dangerous to both riders.

  2. A well-known gang among motorcyclists in Melbourne, surprised you haven't heard of them. They're mostly late teens, and ride RD125s and other similar bore two strokes.
  3. wow.
    has anyone on here ever come across them?
    they r mental.
  4. i think i saw one up Mountain Hwy the other day :shock:
    i hope they dont come over this way and take my hills off me... :cry:
  5. Sounds like the cops are trying anything now to scare noobs out of riding on the good roads. :LOL: Next they'll be telling people that aliens are sniping at riders on the spur with death rays that heat the tyres till the explode, causing a crash and a neg driving ticket. :rofl:

    Seriously, no-one is going to risk seeing their house engulfed in flames during the night, which would be a likely outcome of that sort of game. :LOL:

    If your really worried, rest assured, once a rider takes a hand off their own bars to grab yours, a swift kick will send them suitably off course. :)
  6. The gang is well known for spelling their name backwards :LOL:
  7. go with the flow, dickhead :p
  8. Do no compute....

    Do they do the same thing to cars?
  9. :LOL: nice one Fehc :wink:
  10. Haven't heard of that one among motorcyclists - have heard of it with some of the lycra lot though...

    I've seen it happen on Royal Parade in the bicycle lanes when a woman cycling placidly along was not going as fast as the two Tour de France wannabees behind her thought she should. They shouted at her and pushed her off to the side - fortunately they were crossing over an intersection so she had space. A good reason for putting numberplates on bicycles... :p
  11. A good reason to ride past on a motorcycle and smack the back of some heads. :wink: :LOL:
  12. Unfortunately I was stuck in traffic in the car at the time. :evil:
  13. I saw them last weekend...they were riding with the tooth fairy, santa claus and the easter bunny :roll:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :rofl:
  15. I saw them too! I looked hard for Jesus - that would have decided a long-standing controversy, but couldn't see him, so the court's still out...
  16. trying to knock em off the bikes huh ??

    I used to play a game with my mates where we would try to reach across and hit their kill switch as we were riding along.... maybe thats what they are trying to do.

    if not, sounds like a valid excuse for carrying a tyre iron down the back of your boot to me

    ........ SUPRISE FOTHER MUCKER !!!!!

  17. OMG are you serious?! Yikes!!! I mean.....wft?!?! (the 'wft' refers to both the motorbike gang and the cyclists on royal parade)

  18. The cop was having a joke, there's no such motorcycle gang (I could be wrong of course...but I'm pretty sure I'm right). Undercover cop bikes get around the Yarra Ranges with cameras and record and catch people like Loz doing naughty things. Like speeding. I wish they'd do it to book tail-gaiters, centre-line crossers, etc of the cage variety instead - that would be a safety initiative!

    No need to worry about such a gang if you want to ride the Spurs, there's no such intentionally dangerous riders out there. Are other motorcyclists a danger to you, however? Yes! Would I keep off the Spurs (well, Reefton) because of them? Yes.
  19. I agree, I have been to the black spur once and I won't go again, some riders up there ride like idiots - too scarey for the likes of me!!! I'll stick to that other place that I like to ride :)
  20. They are easy enough to spot with their signature bikes!