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Black Spur, First time ever!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryan_a, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I accidentally ended up in the Black Spur today.

    I woke up around 11AM (unadjusted time), looked out the window and half-paniced. It was the best weather since I got my new bike.

    I hurriedly got showered and caffeinated and geared up. Checking Google Maps I thought I'd head up past Lilydale, and make some turn-off at Healsville down towards, well, I'm not sure, but south.

    At Healsville I thought "screw it, I'll follow all these other guys, must be good riding this way", and about halfway through I saw the Black Spur Hotel.

    Despite the stories of boy-racers and cops galore, it was very sedate. It was challenging enough at the posted limit and thankfully I wasn't holding a lot of people up with my noobishness :) But damn, that's a nice stretch of road.

    I followed a couple of bikers down towards Marysville, had a squiz at Steavan Falls (or whatever it's called), and rode home the same route.

    After getting home (and then going for another blat through Eltham/Warrandyte) I'm exhausted. Beer is going down well and damn – I'm so glad I bought a motorcycle :)
  2. Oh, oh and. On Friday I got the 1000km service, so the bike feels newer than it did when I picked it up. And since the oil change, I've been taking it up to about 10k/rpm... Lots of fun :)
  3. Congratulations on getting your Spurs :) When you have a few more K's under your belt try the Reefton Spur which is the other side of Marysville and comes out at Warburton. Warning it is nowhere as civilized as the Black Spur and is littered with plastic fairings to show that. :wink:
  4. It's not a bad choice to follow the stream of bikes.

    It is a smooth, sweet road. Built just for you, for the moment - to make history.

    And wasn't it just a glorious day for ... anything!
  5. Congrats !!!
    I'm Jealous. :p
    9,000km later I am still yet to venture out through the black spur.
  6. Ventured out on a 900kms door-to-door day trip yesterday. The Black Spur was one of the last roads we visited on our way back.

    Get out there and ride man!
  7. That's one hell of a day trip mate .. I get tired after a 200km trip in the car :shock:
    You know I was that close to heading up the spur through to Eildon and back yesterday. I kick myself to for not taking advantage of the glorious day, but alas my wife wanted me to take her out practicing pillioning.. AFTER I helped with chores. ( sounded like a bribe, thinking back now )
  8. Nice one ryan_a. Be carefull on the reefton spur, i had a great time sliding the bike across the damp gravil and onto the ditch.
  9. Thanks for sharing :) Reminded me when I got my bike and would be out the door every saturday morning at 6am to blackspur or reefton :cool: ... Wish I had that feeling again...
  10. which way did you go stew, was it with msbr?
  11. Nah, they don't do day trips quite that long (that I'm aware of). We did co-incidentally meet at the same meet point as MSR though, at which a few people who had forgotten it was the end of DST turned up to early, and we managed to hijack one of the MSR guys to come with us. :grin: That was CamKawa, who was feeling a bit ill though and piked out just before the day got REALLY good.

    We went on the odd road, here and there. :wink: If I see you, I'll talk about it. I tend to keep my mouth shut nowadays about where I ride or where I've been. If you want to come along on the next big ride, let me know and I'll PM you the details.
  12. Good advice...I'm all for that too. :wink:
  13. mmm iv been thinking of heading out there one sat soon to break myself in lol...
  14. yeah know what you mean trying to find a good quite road, is starting to get hard.

    Yeah certainly, would love to come along, was speaking to roarin the other day about him and Cam's 900+ day ride and it sounded like a blast too.

    cheers stewy
  15. 900K's!!!...Stew!!!...Last ride was 500, and I packed HEAPS fo water for THAT one..
    But with these kinds of distances, I'm gonna have to fill the camelback with strong coffee instead!!..ahahahaha
    Glad you got a good ride in mate...Nice to cruise the open spaces without having to worry if you're 2-3k's over the limit, where some eager Mr Plod is gonna get ya for it.
    I slept in and LOVED it!, mate... :p :p