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black spur education

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by eve, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Decided to take the 6 out for its first outing yesterday (25th January).

    We were going through kangaroo grounds up to healsville when we noticed riders indicating police ahead.

    We were just cruising - going about 75 in a 80 zone. Out of the shrubs running towards us was a police officer who pulled us over. His bike was hidden in the shrubs.

    He did a licence check - and indicated he was one of 14 through the hills of the black spur targeting people riding bigger bikes who are LAMS restricted.

    the police man said that people are buying bikes cheap and riding outside their limit. Since they got the bike cheaper than normal they are happy to cop a few $119 fines here and there.

    He was a top bloke... Pity it seemed like a bit of a ambush though.

    Thought i'd share
  2. yep got pulled over a few weeks back coming back from mount macedon for a breatho and licence check. Same thing, said just checking people arent riding bigger bikes on L's and P's.

    Said they mainly only have probs with older guys on harleys who've just got their licence but by a harley because all their mates have them ;)

    Bit crazy that there was 14 of them hidden though!
  3. If they're happy yo pay the fines, what do the cops think they'll achieve by targeting them??

    Will the next police blitz be targeted to dead horses? If any dead horses turn up without having been recently beaten, the cops could take to them with their batons.
  4. OMG you were riding in the futures!!

    Silly kids these days with their flux capacitors and bikes going over 88 mp/h
    Make sure you tell yourself to watch out for cops there on the 25th of Feb:

  5. As I said elsewhere here - I believe that unlicenced or "underlicenced" will soon come under the hoon legislation so if you're riding like that it could be a long walk home from the Spurs.

    Moral is - if you lend a bike to a mate make sure he's got the right licence...
  6. Better tip never lend your bike to anyone!
  7. 14 cops for ~50kms of roads, and the knowledge that if you ride a motorbike up (as opposed to pretty much any other vehicle) there you WILL be pulled over.
  8. Don't the police have anything better to do?
    I can understand the dangers of an L plater jumping on an R1, but having police jump out of the bushes when a bike approaches is a bit absurd.
  9. 14 cops having a picnic in the hills wasting tax payer money (Good thing i don't pay tax, wait. GST DAMNIT!)
  10. See, and that's the whole reason that I didn't go to the spur yesterday. I went the other way and took a run up Mt Baw Baw. *shrugs* Damn good day
  11. Dunno if there are and wild boar, but if there is, let's hope the hunters' make some mistakes :-]
  12. Hey the old Kats only about 12 hp out of LAMS. If I pull a spark plug lead off?......
  13. Hey the old Kats only about 12 hp out of LAMS. If I pull a spark plug lead off?......
  14. got pulled over today in... emerald i think.

    thats all they wanted, license n make sure it was LAMs (for me and liz m at least). nice enough blokes otherwise... seemed to be enjoying Aus day wages for standing in the shade pulling over every bike :LOL:
  15. Why is it a waste of money? They are traffic police doing what they are employed to do. Some police patrol suburbs in vans, others go out and do traffic duty.

    It's similar to the cost vs results arguement for using the helicopter to detect speeders. When you have the resources and money you can do what you want.
  16. you know what all this means right?
    either dont do sunday rides, or find a new awesome ride.
    I live on the peninsula so theres crap load of awesome twisties and what not bearly or unpatrolled by the boys in blue.

    And plus my weekend is in the middle of the week


    i guess there is a plus to retail.
  17. Gotta admit, thats a great way to prevent speeding. U get pulled over so frequently u dont have a chance to reach speed :p
  18. LMAO - so much for keeping a low profile Eve!
  19. Police actually out on the road, checking to make sure people are licenced appropriately? No problems with that. As mentioned in the thread about the twit in Grieve Pde, he was unlicenced and unreg. These people make up a significant portion of the motorcycle road trauma.

    By the sounds of it, the police in question were using their heads too and not being pricks.
  20. No arguement there...

    However - hiding in bushes and jumping out ?...

    While he was chatting to us - i looked around for his bike and it was parked behind heaps of shrubs... he must have noticed and said he didnt mean to conceal the bike but it was there under shade (the whole area was shaded)...

    plus 15 of them?

    My thoughts at the time were - if they are worried for safety then why let 'under licenced' riders ride all the way home?

    just seemed to be a bit of overkill (sunday and public holiday salary??...)

    He was a top bloke though