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black spur directons

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by boro_baba, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Ladies and Gents i need help!

    can some1 plz tell me how to get to black spur? i live in Doncaster East just off blackburn road!

    plz plz plz help

    thanks in advance,
  2. there is a new book out it is called a "melways" you might have heard of it
  3. 1) go to healesville

    2) keep going
  4. Straight out Maroondah Highway! Do not turn and you'll go straight up the spur!
  5. I think that should say "do not turn and you'll go straight OFF the spur" :rofl:
  6. you can go either way on the spur... it's two lanes wide :)

    sorry had nothing to add...other than what they said
  7. PM sent.

    Best way is to come along on Sunday for the beginners ride.

  8. give this a go.... :wink:

    Try This Link
  9. WoW thanks people!!! such quick replys :grin:

    much appreciated!!!
  10. Most fun way from where you are (we live down the road and go this way every time.....the Hwy is BOOOOOORING!!!) is up Blackie Rd to Warrandyte Rd and turn right at the roundabout. Go all the way through to Warrandyte and turn left at the roundabout to Kangaroo Ground. Follow that road all the way through to the big roundabout (Eltham-Kangaroo Ground Rd) and turn right. Just through the little town there (a school, winery and general store is about all you'll see) turn right at the traffic island that has a sign to Yarra Glen. Follow that road all the way through to YG and turn left at the end (the sign says 'Yea' to the left and 'Healesville' to the right, but don't believe it :wink: ). Just after the speed signs change to 100kph, you'll go over a little bridge thing (armco both sides) and turn right onto Old Healesville Road. Follow to the end and turn left. At the end of that road, turn right and you'll be in Healesville. Follow that road to the end and turn left. You are now only a couple of kays from the Spur and you've had a bit of practice with some mild twists and turns to get you warmed up :wink:
  11. otherwise, couldna said it better myself. ;)
  12. Thanks nee...I couldn't remember what that sign said :oops:
  13. Now you are bringing back memories, this used to be our race track 20 odd years ago. Jeez what we did with our Toranas and Cortinas, how the hell did we survive! :shock:
  14. When is the beginners ride? as opposed to the sunday arvo coffee at the road house?

    I also live in Doncaster East just off Blackburn Rd.

    I was going to go on my days off recently but it was raining. I had one of those road saftey initiative flyers handed out from from the yarra shire.
  15. I used to drive it as an "L" plater in a mates Valiant Charger!