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Black Spur - deisel

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by akaluke, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Reports from the bakery in Healesville. A truck has spilled diesel the entire length of the Black Spur. It's been cleaned up and sand put down. After hearing this - I gave it a miss.

  2. GP bound visitors should go via Reefton (should have done that anyway).
  3. Not good. Glad I did the spur yesterday.

  4. so whats the odds of reefton spur bieng empty and un-patrolled on sunday???
  5. Well it was very clear today, did not see one police vehicle, not much leaf litter on the roads, a bit of that bark on the section that has yellow road markings, but other than that was a sweet ride through.

    As for the oil/diesel spill, it appears to be in the left lane when heading from Marysville to Healesville, there were warning signs up & it looked to be on left hand corners when it occured, I could see a dark residue of some kind on pretty much every one, by sticking close to the left hand side it is fairly easily avoided, reckon it was the fuel cap loose so every left the driver took, the fuel pushed up the filler neck & out onto the road..