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Black spur at night

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by steltzer, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. anyone ever done it? did it for the first time tonight, soooo much better in the day!!

  2. Hundreds of times over the years, Every weekend for about 3 years, I used to work weekends At Taggerty,

    But the lights on my Bird are crap going through there now, its still good day or night,
  3. Yeah done it few times...
    Only thing that does my head in at night is the possible wildlife..

    In one way headlights at night inform you of approaching vehicles at blind corners but those same lights can blind you if they're on high beam...
  4. One of my faves is reefton and black spurs in the cool evening during summer.
  5. Has any of you thought of replacing the OEM lights with LEDs or HID lights?
  6. Leds or hids, Do not go around corners, The lights in the fairings go straight ahead of the bike,
  7. Yep, used to live up there. Had 2 wombats on 2 separate occasions take out the front end of 2 separate vehicles (both utes). Know of 4 (witnessed 1) drink drivers leave the side of the road (one after taking out another vehicle) and a few mbike riders hug trees. Be careful up there.
  8. I was riding through on a moonless night once. Because every other time I'd ridden the road I'd been pushing the envelope where possible, I found it impossible to ride the road at a sedate speed. So I rode it fast. It was a god-damned hoot!

    The biggest problem, other than playing Russian Roulette with wombats and the traditional problem of headlights not tracking through corners (K1600GT owners excepted), was that when a car approached I would have to dim the high beam, and forward visibility would drop to a quarter, and navigating a corner would become a matter of blind faith. Those were the days ...
  9. Night, driving rain, much leaf litter and other tree debris on the road.....much concentration required!
  10. ^tell me about, ...... almost not fun....almost