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Black spur at night - oh crap!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, May 4, 2007.

  1. Well I always love a night ride...

    So I hadn't been on the bike since last week's mystery ride, and I really needed to get out after an altercation with the ex this evening, so thought I'd get on the bike and see where it took me. Ended up in Healesville and thought to myself - probably should stop here - but thought seeing the road was quiet and I was in the mood, that I'd keep going.

    So taking it nice and easy - just a slow cruise - headed through the Black spur. Had one oncoming car on my way through and that was about it. I was enjoying the moment - senses heightened, not pushing myself at all, aware of the limitations of visibility on the corners, and came through wondering whether Ray's would still be open so I could grab a coffee. Nup, closed, so decided to head into Marysville before turning back.

    Take the turnoff to Marysville, I was coming through one of the gentle corners about midway through, and as I was straightening up, the headlight caught one big fcuking wombat ambling through my lane about 10 metres ahead. Oh SH!T! :shock: :shock: :eek:hno:

    Well I recall reading somewhere that if you do your emergency countersteers right on a cruiser, you will scrape the floorboards. Well geez I certainly raised some sparks tonight! Steered hard left and then hard right and missed the bastard with perhaps an inch to spare. Oh my god, I was wishing I'd brought a change of pants with me...

    Made it into Marysville and stopped for a coffee at the only place open - "In Neutral" - nice people btw, obviously bikers - to be told I was fcuking nuts to be coming through at that time of night on two wheels :LOL: yeah I guess so!

    Anyone else done it at night? Or am I the only lunatic :eek:hno:

    ...Yes I noticed I was the only bike on the road...

  2. I think Lunatic sums it up greatly..... :grin: :grin:

    I have been throughthe spur in the car towing the 5.5 mtr boat at 6am in the fog and that was bl00dy scary enough, let alone on a bike.

    The spur is great for just cruising through though.

  3. You're the only lunatic.... :p :wink:

    Glad you're okay though. :) :)
  4. Dunno how you do it mate. I find night riding terrifying. Poor visibility of the road, other drivers find it harder to see you.

    Though yes, it is to some extent exhilarating.

    Bloody wombats! You did well to miss the bugger by the sounds of it. I just hope that wombat appreciates what you did for him! :)
  5. Lucky Loz wasn't there otherwise he would have gone straight over it. Bloody Wombats :LOL: :LOL:

    Wouldbe good to have the life of a wombat though. They eat roots and leaves.
  6. Yes well I admit to feeling that was the most appropriate term for me as I sat shaking in the lounge in Marysville :LOL:

    Me too :grin:

    I don't know, I've just always loved it. And no the wombat was quite unconcerned and kept on walking to the side of the road unperturbed :LOL:

    :LOL: Yes I've heard he's rather fond of them
  7. Anywhere there's bush .. there's likely to be wildlife out at night ...

    Wombats, foxes, roos/wallabies ... even the odd deer!! :shock:

    Something as seemingly insignificant as a blue tongued or stumpytail lizard if run over when you're cranked over coming out of a corner, can be slippery/squishy enough to make either tyre start to slip/slide.

    Then there's always the chance of a piece of tree branch having landed on the roadway etc .. given the reduced traffic flow at night you might very well be the first vehicle to come across it.

    There was talk in another thread not long ago about riding within your headlight distance. As much as possible, ride at a speed whereby you can significantly slow and/or take evasive action the moment a hazard appears at the far reaches of your headlight beam.

    I love riding those sorts of areas at night .. but just be aware, the conditions can be entirely different to the same piece of road in daylight.

    Wombats are cute lil critters ... as long as they're not on the bit of road you're wanting to use .. they're not called "mobile speedhumps" fer nuffin' ya know ....
    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I haven't done any of the spurs at night (I was tempted tonight though :twisted: ), but I've done Arthurs Seat a few times in the dark. :shock:

    Nothing like having rollie races with no lights under a half moon to get the heart pounding.. :eek:
  9. Ahhhh the memories :grin: :grin: :grin:

  10. A mate and I did a run late at night (maybe 10:30 or so) through there in VERY heavy fog at some rather unmentionable speeds (well at least unmentionable considerign the conditions) trying to get to a motorbike rally we should have been at about 5 hours earlier.

    I still have no clue how we survived. Yes it was crazy. Overtaking on blind corners across double white lines etc.

    There's something the spurs can do you your minds sometimes. And sometimes it's all for the best and everything works out ok.

    Luckily for us this was one of those times.

    Looking back I wonder how many of my nine lives I used.
  11. That bastard wombat! I swear if I catch him...
  12. I rode the great ocean road at night one melbourne cup weekend.
    Better than an orgasm. :grin:

    I love to ride at night.only short stints though. Very exhilerating
  13. When I was done I did it at night, it was great! (Started doing it at 4 in the afternoon, then did it again and again and again until around eight)

    Plenty of 'Holy Shit' moments, however.
  14. Count yourself as

    1. skilful for avoiding the wombat and

    2. lucky that the wombat didn't do the u-turn trick (seen this on about a third of the many encounters with them) where they double back in the direction they came from!

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    Been there done that. scary shit. but was very thankful to have some biker headlights to follow.

    won't do it again because of wankers who drive like this.
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    yeah w@nkers
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  18. Doubling back would have done me a favour :LOL: he had come from the other side of the road and walked into my lane. I'm just lucky that the road is nice and wide at that point and I had enough maneuvering room to get past him on the left. Also glad I was well under the speed limit, otherwise I wouldn't have had enough reaction time and this would have been an "I had an off" thread instead...!
  19. I had a white-knuckle ride on the Saturday night I came home from Melbourne recently. By the time I'd left Lakes Entrance it was late afternoon, and it was completely dark well before Orbost. Signposts very mile or so warned of kangaroos, so I had my eyes our on stalks for sure. Fortunately the CFA had been conducting a hazard-reduction burn along the edge of the Princes Highway, so I consoled myself with the idea that no animals would be near the edge of the road 'cos there was nothing to eat. I was probably wrong, but I arrived in Bega with jangled nerves around 10:00pm-ish and slept very soundly.
  20. apart from wildlife on the road, if you know a road well, i find its easier on areas with many blind corners to attack at night. the oncoming headlights show when theres someone about to be aiming at you, and your headlights allow you to better concentrate on the road ahead, not on any distractions off the side of the road.