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Black Spur - A First Timers Observations

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by cbwolf, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Seeing as today was a public holiday myself and a mate took the opportunity to go for a ride.

    We headed up Plenty Road to Whittlesea through the hills, then through to Kinglake then down to Healsville via Chum Creek Road.

    After having lunch at Healsville, we decided to have a go at the Black Spur as neither of us had done it before. I had been putting it off for a few months because of the reputation of being a challenging road but thought enough was enough.

    So we geared up and headed up out of Healsville. Traffic was suprisingly light and i only had one scare when some shithead of a biker came barreling around a blind corner in the opposite direction - in my lane.

    So, my observations after running the black spur for the first time?

    The road surface and signage is great. The scenery is beautiful. The ride itself, would be what i would call "mild". I personally found Chum Creek Road between Toolangi and Chum Creek more difficult and technically challenging. I found myself quite often pushing 90km/h through many of the corners without really leaning the bike over that much, so all in all, i think my "fear" of the Black Spur was unfounded.

    After today, i think i'll be including the Black Spur into my regular rides and give the Reefton Spur a try at some stage and see how i fair.
  2. i'm yet to head up either, but having done chum creek for the first time today with a group... i'm eager to try the spur... just with someone :oops:
  3. Oh the stoke of the twisties aye! :D :grin:

    Hence the 5 second rule - and of course the buffering. Had a similar thing happen two days ago, 'blind' corner, double-white line, some MORON overtaking a car crossing into the CENTRE of my lane. What if I were in my car!? Splat? :mad:
  4. The Black Spur itself is not to be feared, it is a good road as mentioned earlier, the dangerous aspect is the number of users on it.

    Reefton is more difficult due to the fact it can carry a fair amount of debris and has a lot tighter corners than the Black spur and some are in pretty ordinary condition.

    Check out the run up to Lake Mountain while you are out that way, nice road with not much traffic in my experience.
  5. My only problems on the black spur are GP-wannabes that cross the centreline, like Jimmy said.

    I find Reefton pretty good, probably better for my bike with less traffic. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, and watch out for the cops in Auscams hiding with radar in the bush.
  6. My first time I felt exactly the same. I did reefton and the black spur on the same day, and enjoyed reefton so much more than the black spur. Its alot longer, alot less traffic and more technical. Although you just cant beat the black spurs surface, and it has gorgeous wide lanes.

    On a few return trips we've included the road to Donna Buaung, although this gets a bit of debris on windy days. On the way out of Warburton (i think) there is a fork, heading towards reefton, veer left to go towards donna buaung.
  7. And all the roads listed are currently no go zones due to the fires.