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VIC Black shetland gelding

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by maplegum, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. Edit - Dasher will be staying with me for a while until I can bring his weight back to a healthy level before letting him go to a new home.

    Located between Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, Victoria

    I am advertising on behalf of my neighour. I have taken over the screening of potential new owners for him and I will be VERY fussy in finding him a new home.

    "Dasher" is a black shetland gelding, approx 7 years old. He is broken in but has not been riden recently.

    He is a friendly little chap and could really do with a family who want to spend lots of time with him. He MUST go to a home where there are other horses that he can interact with as Dasher has been on his own for sometime now and I know that he really loves attention.

    They would like to see Dasher at a new home prior to Christmas as they are going away on holidays.

    Please email me leoniemeggs68@hotmail.com for more info and photos
  2. wow a free pony?
    All the wonderful daddy's should be rushing to your house right now
  3. ... great offer.
    Ponies have some things in common with bikes. Bikes are [in relative terms] amazingly cheap to buy. They are not cheap to own or run or maintain or live with. Bikes worth having, anyway. I suspect that might be the story with Dasher as well.
  4. but this type of pony isn't very rideable when the kid hits 8 or 9. they're tiny :) even before then.

    more just a paddock pony to keep lawns down and to keep other horses company :D
  5. See original post
  6. I have sent you an email to the supplied address.

    I hope this helps you out..

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.