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Black Rose/Torrini Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Thinking about buying the cordura from these guys. Anyone else wearing them? Any thoughts on quality, value??

    Black Rose Leathers


  2. i bought the pants about 2 months ago and they were on special for about $100
    and man they are warm , anything above 10 degrees you will fry in them they are that warm .
  3. One of the guys I work with - Swears black and blue they are deffinately worthy of buying I've seen his leathers and they look good and they look like they have survived a couple of meetings with the black stuff!!!! :D
  4. I have (2 piece) leathers from these guys (bought at Pt Melbourne)
    (plus their wets)

    imo, very good quality
    and having been down the road twice in 9 years
    since getting them, they have withstood both crashes
    so no complaints from me

    their wets also keep me dry (unlike my previous rjays...)

  5. there zips are not that good as mine has died in under a year
  6. I have a leather set from them, had to be altered to fit properly, but they're great. Never had a prob in their (so far) three year life.

    They're not the best quality leathter though, hence the cheap price. Pakistani you know....
  7. even the tie ropes off the queen mary would have problems holding your guts in :wink: :LOL:
  8. So I should take Phanoongy's post with a grain of salt?
  9. I haven't seen Phanoongy's guts, but I've had a zip fail on my Torrini leather jacket too. OK, only one zip out of the 11 on the jacket, but no other complaints at all about the jacket or the leather pants also from Torrini.
  10. I've had the kevlar reinforced for 4 years without problem. Torrini are great at servicing too - had a friend with a leather jacket from them and then the zip broke (after 6 years) he brought it back and they replaced it at no charge. Last time I was in there they saw my jacket and asked how long I had it, etc. and asked if they could inspect the seams as they didn't want to sell stuff that will fall apart as soon as you get home.

    I'd recommend the kevlar stuff over the straight cordura (for teh difference in price I think it is worth it). You can also get this stuff at a stall in the vic market (same price), but I doubt torrini would service the stuff as they didn't sell it.

    I also have the pants and the only problem I have had is the seam on the inside ankle of my right leg has started to split recently.

    on a side note it was more from the fact that sometimes the end did not lock in well and the end fell off from all the times i had to force the zip open after the bottem had split open
  12. I have the Kevlar set and swear by it. And as Glen has said, warm as toast, so I don't wear the pants in summer. Can survive up to about 25 - 27 degrees days in the jacket with no liner, so long as I keep moving.

    My wife has a two piece set of leathers, touring pants and 3/4 jacket plus boots and gloves, and loves them.

    They also have a great range of sizes, but if you go to Port Melbourne check the specials rack, I picked up a good quality second hand Brando jacket for my son for $50.00.

  13. What, is aussie cows, leather tougher than Pakistani cows? :p
    Or is it aussie cows are thicker?
  14. hahahaha..... Pakistani cows don't eat grass thats for sure... :LOL:
  15. ... and the archaeology prize for this week goes to... Q!
    (digging up the oldest thread, that is).