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Black Rose leathers ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pandar, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Short and sweet .....

    Interested in looking at Black Rose Leathers....apparently not possible in sydney (No retail outlet ??) ...can anyone give me the address of the retailer in Newcastle ??

    I did send an email to the address on their web site but never received a reply .... maybe its a sign ......is their service that good as well ??

    Appreciate any feedback
  2. *sigh*

    Doesn't anyone use the phone any more?

    03 9646 8006

    Call them. I've never ever had a problem getting them on the phone. And FWIW their service is excellent. You can't ALWAYS rely on email given the prevalence of agressive antispam measures, not to mention the unknown...

  3. Well may one sigh ....

    Yes ...sigh we might ... but if you list an email address on a business site, its not unreasonable to expect to be able to use it.

    That said, I was pretty amazed that they never listed the addresses of the retail outlets on the site. I'm sure there is a reason for it ... but it beats me.

    Anyway ... thanks for the reply
  4. Nor is it unreasonable to try another means of contact that they publish on exactly the same contact page that you would have found the email address in the first place. Lesson number one here is that email is never 100% reliable.

    Take Netrider as a prime example. Today their mail server has been blacklisted by one of the major antispam blacklist databases, and any mailserver that uses that database will reject any mail from Netrider outright.

    You can't guarantee that they didn't reply to you and that not receiving the email isn't the fault of YOUR email provider, now can you! :wink:

    Anyway, hopefully they can help you out over the phone. I've found them very helpful in the past :)
  5. Almost as good as Snotmail and forum registrations.

    Most forum member applications are rejected because they are not activated.

    They remain inactive due to Snotmail not forwarding the activation email to the applicant.

    Hence the reason why we state on our membership page to whitelist netrider so they get it.

    Most of the time it is sitting in their spam folder.

    It's not 100% reliable unfortunately.
  6. Bluesuede,

    All the points you make may well be valid .... but ....
    1. Yes ... I could have chose to phone, but I chose to email for specific reasons.
    2. I emailed from work and if I have rejected email I normally get notified.
    3. How do you know I didn't send a followup email....but yeah, all your points can be rehashed

    That all said I'm not here to argue ... I simply was seeking the address.

    Keep happy and keep safe.
  7. Pandar,

    I think you got your emails confused they could have had their email bounce to you in their reply (from possible blacklist etc), or it went to their spam folder or something like that

    But yeah I agree if the website says that that is their email addy then you would expect a reply. How long did you give them, sometimes with email I find that 2-3 days delay is not unexpected
  8. Well Well Well ....

    Finally decided if I wanted the info I would have to ring.

    Despite listing Newcastle as one of the retail outlets ... this is now not the case. There is no longer a retail outlet there, nor one in Sydney ... the guy that answered the phone said they are doing mainly mail order now.

    If I have to go down the mail order path I think I'll start looking at the quite often suggested path of importing from the US.

    Thats that I guess. Not much left to discuss.