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Black Rose kevlar gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by El Damo, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to replace my borrowed Dririder jacket and pants, but due to a budget restriction of $530 I can't afford separate summer and winter gear.

    I like the idea of the Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket & pants but
    (a) I can't afford them
    (b) the removable waterproof lining doesn't thrill me - I'd rather have something permanently waterproof.

    I'm looking for a jacket and pants which the following features (they don't need to be from the same manufacturer)

    - permanently waterproof (exposed mesh panels are OK if they can be covered quickly with waterproof material. I just don't want to have to stuff about inserting a removable liner which will probably be impermeable and trap sweat.
    - doesn't trap sweat against body
    - provides reasonable ventilation/cooling with vents/flaps/whatever open
    - stops wind when vents/flaps/whatever are closed

    I'm currently liking (in theory) the Black Rose kevlar jacket and pants. Can anyone who has actually used one or both of those tell me if they meet the criteria listed above?

    Alternatively, can anyone suggest any other specfic not-too-pricey jackets and/or pants which meet those criteria.

    - Damo.
  2. Sorry don't have a recommendation, but I will point out that my dririder Summit2 pants have started to let water in so be weary of those.
  3. Haven't tried the Black Rose Kevlar gear but I have a pair of their Cordura pants and a full set of leathers which are both working out well - never tested any of my gear in a crash though.
  4. My suggestion would be something along the lines of a JoeRocket Razor suit - $380 ( I love mine ). Then grab a dririder rain suit - $100. Use the razor suit all the time and grab the rain suit out of the tank bag when it rains.