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Black or white? which is better..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by n3lly, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. hey guys!

    the new aprilia rs125 is very sporty and sexy it comes in two colours! black or white?
    im just trying get some suggestion and ideas of what you think!

    :grin: :eek:
    thnks guys
  2. I'd say don't waste your money on a new Aprilia. You'll only have it 12-18 months and will wear a fair wack of depreciation.
    Just buy one second hand, most people who buy them (buy for pose factor) don't do high kilometres.
  3. Black looks better, White is seen easier...
  4. and both are a right beggar to clean.... :grin:
  5. both look bland... if you must ride the rs125 / rs250 find one second hand thats had it motor rebuilt and save your self some money...
  6. black all the way
  7. Can't stand the sound of the 125 :(

    But yeah, I'd go for the white. I prefer the stealthy rebelliousness of black too, but white will get you seen better.
  8. Great suggestiong. thnks guys!

    Apparently I heard that white is better when it comes to insuring your is better because it visible and in some reviews. is that beliveable? hahaha
  9. personally i like black.
    But why get a rs125. Its not exactly the most comfortable bike, and its not that fast either.
    where are u situated
  10. once you try black, you'll never go back
  11. hi natta!

    Im situated in sydney
    my mates also ride aprilia's 125 adn 250 plus they do live around the block. and have a fair bit of experinces

    i have a passion for bikes. and i do find the rs125 to my liking. Tho it is a bit 2 much for a 1st bike.
  12. For Gawds sake get the RED one - it'll go faster :LOL:
  13. No wonder you got the rs125. i dont think it will be too much for you. 2strokes are not as difficult as everyone makes them out to be. My RGV is my first road bike and it not overly difficult to control.
    Enjoy the powerband.
  14. Actually, most of the criticism I hear of two strokes is not about the power dynamics (lets face it, you can get accustomed to anything) but the maintenance issues. I spend a fair bit of time around two stroke motors and find that that they are reliable if you are prepared to put in the hard yards and maintain them properly. Four stroke engines are a lot more forgiving in this respect (but naturally, still need maintenance! They just require less frequent maintenance)
  15. :worthlesspics:


    i think the black looks fab. but i'm with OutbreakMonkey - i wouldn't personally buy new...
  16. As dear departed kishi would have said, once you've had black you can never go back.

    Black looks awsome.
  17. Is it just me? Silver/black/scarlett fairing looks heaps better than light brown/black/scarlett one.

    If you're a rockstar or have rich parents or have won a lottery, ignore those folks who tell you to buy a recently rebuilt RS250 or a POS.
  18. Black bike/red seat/blue rims.

    Seriously schmick. But I still wouldn't want one.
  19. Ain't that the truth!!
  20. well rs125 is bit over the price but i guess if u just enjoy the bike then i guess u willing 2 put up wit anything tat goes on wit it... if u find the passion for the bike i guess it really take away the money factor.
    love it, enjoy it, ride it!