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Black or white jacket for summer?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Maxim Balaganskiy, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Does a white leather jacket make a huge difference on a hot day with comparison to a black one?
    Thinking about taichi gmx motion - they only got black and white...

  2. Makes a quite noticeable difference IMO.
  3. Seems to make a difference, I have a white perforated jacket & black perforated pants. Sitting at the lights in 40 C summer felt like my leg was starting to burn while stationary. My back gets sweaty under the armour, but that’s about it. Can’t tell the difference when moving though.

    Black absorbs way more energy & that either radiates & conducts away - in to you.

    White gets filthy in no time. Bug guts! Cleaning my summer jacket is still on my round-to-it list. Light or white mesh may be better – some gear you can remove liner & armour then chuck it in the wash.

  4. Best summer jacket I have is the Joe Rocket 'UFO' 2.0, its an armoured mesh jacket. Very comfortable even on a hot day in Sydney traffic riding a litre bike. Comes with a water/windproof liner which I keep under the seat for if I get caught out.

    - boingk
  5. I have a white GMX motion jacket. Its nice snd I got it in that colour to be cooler in summer.

    However, I understand that the colour makes very little difference. Perfs and other design features are probably much more important from what I've read.

    In summer you will still feel hot and sweaty in this jacket.

    So I suggest getting colour that you think looks good.
  6. why not get a grey one?
  7. White jacket is definately cooler when you are sitting in the hot sun. But it will still be very hot if it's 40C, don't expect miracles.
  8. I'd have thought summer wear would be about whether a white or black T-shirt would be preferrable.

    Stay back, ATGATTs ! 8-|
  9. White T-shirt will be cooler than Black T-shirt. But I believe in ATGATT, so I'll say White Jacket.
  10. A white non vented jacket will be hotter than the black full vent jacket.
  11. And a white full vent jacket will be cooler than a black full vent jacket.
  12. But its debateable whether you could detect the difference. I doubt you could.
  13. I know I can clearly feel the difference. A black jacket is much hotter, especially when you stop in traffic. The heat builds up much quicker in a black jacket.
  14. Thanks for your input guys. Decided to buy the white one. The shop assistant warned me about the "getting dirty" thing as well and advised to buy some dirt repellent spray.
  15. I have some good stuff at home, can't remember the name but will post it up when I have a chance. It cleans the jacket and leaves a protective film on the leather that helps with water repellent properties as well as making it easier to clean the jacket. Bugs, road grime and grease all come off easily after using it and my Jacket looks like new. But you do have to let the stuff dry over nite before wearing the Jacket, otherwise it might feel a bit tacky.
  16. You kind of missed the point of my post, maybe it was too subtle for you.
  17. ATGATT and make sure you wear plenty of high vis as well.

    Now you can completely disregard any skill or active avoidance and rely completely on your gear to save you.
  18. Just happened to see an episode of QI where they discussed the coolest colour to wear in the desert. Turns out that studies show that colour makes no difference.

    A bit more research seems to back this up. See here http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_colour_should_you_wear_to_keep_cool

    and here: http://io9.com/5903956/the-physics-that-explain-why-you-should-wear-black-this-summer

    If you are feeling the difference it is probably some other difference between the jackets (other than colour), or more likely, just a psychological effect based on your expectation.