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Black Ninja with flames airbrushed in Strathfield on Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aeroplanejerry, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. You know when come back to your car and you find a scratch or even worse on your car in the shopping center car park, and you think to yourself i wish i knew who did this so i can let them know i dont appreciate them leaving theyre signature on my car.
    Well on sunday i witnessed one of these events and i saw who did it, and it happened to a bike.Well yeah the one thats listed above in the subject tittle.

    I was at Saigon Bowl in Strathfield and i saw the owner park his bike out front of the shops there behind a blue SAAB convertible. The bike was about 1-2 meters from behind the SAAB which in front there was not much room. the rider walked off.

    I went around the corner got coffee.And as i came back around the corner i saw the owner get into his SAAB Reverse slowly, got closer ...closer ...closer and then made contact with the bike. He then realised he hit it, moved forward and out and the bike was balancing for about a second and then landed back onto the kickstand.I assume not much damage was done.

    But i did manage to get the number plate of the car for future refernce :) . I think it would probably be encouraging violence if i put the regos of the bike and car up on the post,what you guys think?Should just keep it anonoymous yeah

    Hope your bike is ok dude.
  2. did you manage to contact the guy who owned the bike? after that its up to him if he wants to go to police etc. you are now just witnesses.
  3. well funny thing is i was just at north straithfield car wash tonight.and i I saw a bike and the rider was wearing same type of gear ..thought it was him. But i didnt wanna walk up to where he was parked caus it was dark and i may have looked dodgey. And then when i left I saw the rego and was him and was like HEy!. but he didnt hear.

    but nah havent managed to contacted the owner.hoping he might be member here or someone knows him here.
  4. Re: Black Ninja with flames airbrushed in Strathfield on Sun

    Why didn't you leave a note on the bike for the owner to contact you, if they desire. Then you wouldn't have to post on a forum in the pure off-chance that the owner see's it.
  5. You have the regos, go to the police and report it. At least then if there is damage and the rider files a police report, it'll match up and the responsible person will get what's coming.
  6. yeah thats a good idea to leave the note. should of done that. well didnt have anything but phone to record down the plates and had to go somewhere. but yeah be careful about parking too close behing blue SAABs in strathfield.
  7. When i use to live in Strathfield the local drivers try and keep you on your toes quite regularly... Most of them can't see let alone drive.
  8. happened to me once and someone saw it and gave me the rego. turns out the woman who hit it knew she did but her husband got and to look and said its fine, (busted mirror, indicator, fairing and fender) lets go. she was so embarressed when the local caops called her she got straight on the phone to say sorry and here is my insurance details. even sent me a scratchie.. told her thanks but your husband is a d_ckhead. trouble is that these people are out there and couldnt care less.. mashed the door of a company car into another guys car when his door hit mine and the reply to my "hey careful mate" was.."hmph as if it did anything".. oh yeah well it has now..
  9. all the more reason you guys in nu sowth whales should be allowed to park on the footpath. :grin:
  10. if only they were big enough and then they would get trashed by people. this is sydney remember.
  11. Had someone scrape the side of my car the other week, it was enough to break the mudflap off. Would have loved someone who saw it to leave me a note.......... there is too many low lifes around these days who just couldn't GAF
  12. in a place where the motto is, 'If you don't like the way I drive, keep off the footpath', how will this help?? :LOL:
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: