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Black Mesa Source (PC Game)- Free Half-Life Remake

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wayned, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. In the works for ages and now available.

    Trailer -

    Website - http://release.blackmesasource.com/#/home

    Download page - http://www.blackmesasource.com/download.html

  2. Saw that a while back, keen for them to do blue shift etc too though!
  3. I wish they would do that with the original quake

    EDIT: but keep the original music. Or better yet, Trent Reznor could do a whole new soundtrack
  4. Looks like it'd be fun - if it didn't require me to install Steam on my computer.

    Not keen on having to do a fresh install of windows again like the last time I tried using that particular piece of spyware on my computer.
  5. try using wine
    or are you on a mac?
    im surprised they didn't make it cross-platform. usually that's half the point of doing a remake.
  6. PC, but running Linux then trying to run an emulator for all the bits of software that I need (and which are only available for windows) just seems like far too much hard work.

    I just find it odd that given the original copy of half life I have runs fine without needing to install Steam, this remake can't operate in the same way. I basically stopped buying games when they started requiring an internet connection to play.
  7. Tonight's entertainment is now accounted for :)
  8. Why would you play this.. when you already have Half-Life?
  9. It's better in every way, also free.

    Played it a while ago, amazing job for amateurs.
  10. damn there is a shit load of files. installation is taking forever.
    I think i will have to hook lappy up to flat screen TV to enjoy this game properly, I'm guessing it's rather hi-res.
  11. Looks cool. cheers.
  12. Currently playing Dragon Age 2, but once I finish that I'll give it a go. Played through Half-life plenty of times.