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"Black ice" - how do you recognise it in time?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GoTeam, May 21, 2009.

  1. I rode through fog for the first time today and part of my journey took me through Eltham and its surrounds. The roads were wet (as was my visor and the knees of my Hornees) and the thought of iced up roads early in the morning came to mind. I didn't ride over any ice patches of course because it wasn't quite cold enough (even though I froze!). Is there any way of picking/recognising iced up patches before you get to them or is that a road condition which leaves luck as the only thing on your side? I think I'll take the option of staying nice and warm in the cage tomorrow.

  2. Black ice looks exactly the same as a wet road. You won't spot it. As soon as the temp drops low enough for water to freeze you need to be aware of it. The higher the altitude, the warmer the frezzing temp. Altitude's effect is fairly minimal but as a general rule, use caution when riding below 3 degrees C. :)
  3. you spot it milliseconds before you are sliding down the toowoomba ranges on ya freckle..........................

  4. lol.. more or less what I was thinking... my answer would have been "how do u spot it?..... You don't"
  5. Depends on which part of the record store you're in. I generally go by the cover and if I see it, I run a mile!

    Here is an example for you to memorise. Keep your fitness up so that you can run faster :grin:


    *Disclaimer: I love ACDC, just hate this album...
  6. In freezing temperatures, if it looks wet you have to assume it's ice.

    The most exciting weather condition I've ever ridden in has been freezing rain. That is, rain when the ground temperature is well below zero, turning the falling water into a sheet of ice as it touches the ground :shock: .

    Freezing fog is pretty interesting too, although that's more because of the "early arctic explorer" look that results from the frost in beard and eyebrows :grin: .
  7. The wrong one has a red label, the right one has a black label.

  8. I ski ever year,since 1985 or so,and the only time I have struck it was in the Perisher car park,I was walking in ski boots from the car and suddenly I was on my arse,zero warning just like wet glass,I got up and immediately went arse over tit again,you could not Even stand up on it and other than a slight sheen it looked just like all the other parts of the bitumen car park.Add some speed and you would have no chance,got my attention.I have struck lots of ice over the years but this was completely differant.
  9. If you are riding in areas where there is a danger of black ice, I believe the approved technique is to not go first and slow down when the leader goes over.
  10. do they even sell winter tyres in Australia?

    studded tyres are the way to go. eats through bitumen and ice. plus it sounds good. :grin:
  11. if you have to be about in previously mentioned weather conditions, take it easy, and aim for the snow when you find the ice!

    p.s. Canberra is horrible for Black Ice. Especially on those damn round-a-bouts along the lake heading to RMC from the city Center.
  12. OK, so basically don't ride when its cold enough for there to be frozen patches on the road.

    Dougz, I don't think I'll see that CD where I find my Pennywise, Millencolin etc. :p
  13. I don't know if the Euro bikes like BMW have it but Euro cars have a little ice symbol that comes up on the dash when its cold enough to worry about... anyone confirm on the bikes?
  14. There's a lovely little patch of regular BI on road to Mt Hotham, few k's out of Harrietville. It's pretty close to a stream, has tree canopy cover and never really gets sun. Its freezes over often enough for council to have installed a flashing sign, experienced it a few times. :?
    I wouldn't worry too much about it, as everyone said, you will be on your ass before you realise you've hit it :shock:
  15. +1
  16. Amen!!!!!
  17. I have hit black ice once.
    No warning, and no way out.
    I was travelling Ballarat to Melbourne in the middle of winter on my SR250
    I had just passed a truck and moved back into the left lane, when the back end started coming around.
    In my mirrors all I could see was TRUCK and what I had to say sounded much the same…
    I came off the end of the ice and the back snapped back under me. I almost puked in my helmet.
    I have done many scary things in my life, but NOTHING else anywhere near as scary as that.
  18. You usually recognise it when it's flashing past your nose an inch away as you slide down the road. On the bright side - you won't wear a hole through your gear quite as fast...:LOL:

    Icicle ride some 8 or 9 years ago hit black ice. The only vehicle that slid off the road was the 4WD support vehicle with the trailer. :LOL: