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Black Hyo down. We've got a black Hyo down.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. EDIT: Now has photos of the aftermath on the riding gear and the bike and the bruising to the back of my right knee.

    I went down on a right hander the Spur on Sunday. I fell off at around 65 km/h. I'd previously gone through in the other direction at about the same speed. What did me in? I target fixated.

    I have pics of most of this stuff (damage to my gear and the bike) and will post later.

    First of all, thanks must go to the concerned and helpful motorists who helped when it happened. They genuinely were concerned that I may have been hurt. To be honest, I'll never know how I didn't break my leg.

    Next of all, the SV650S rider named Jim who was doing laps of the Spur (further down the road when I stopped - you'll see details below).

    Last, but not least, for Enigma staying as TEC to Lilydale to keep watch.

    Damage To Me:
    First of all, I got away without a scratch. I've got a badly bruised and partly puffed up back of my right knee (click here for photo). I ended up riding the bike back home but had to find somewhere other than the foot rest to rest my right foot.

    As of today (Monday), the bruised part of my knee hurt a little more when I woke up today but it hurts less this afternoon. My back muscles and those around my neck are letting me know that I gave them a hard time yesterday as well. Its nothing bad - just some stiffness and a little soreness. The doc checked me out as AOK.

    What I was wearing:
    Dainese leather jacket with the Wave back protector, Hornee jeans, Axio knee/shin armour, A* SMX-4 boots, A* GP Tech gloves, Shoei TZ-R lid and a back pack.

    Damage To Riding Gear:
    Leather jacket: Irreparable IMO (ripped on the shoulder where it is stitched - leather is torn off there) click here for photo
    Hornees: By themselves are a pile of shite. The kevlar did SFA and had big holes busted in the right knee in two spots. The left knee started to develop a hole. Note here people that I went down at around 60 km/h and the kevlar stood up to it for a poofteenth longer than the denim. click here for photo
    Knee Armour: My knee armour saved me. I collected a post of the barrier square with my right knee and bounced off and kept sliding down the road for another 10m or so. It cracked at the impact spot and ground away and did the job the kevlar was supposed to do. click here for photo
    Helmet: The visor of my lid is scratched where the hinge is. My lid has no scratches. I saw the road close up then lifted my head off it. click here for photo
    Axio back pack: The back pack didn't get a scratch at all on it. It didn't even touch the road. I don't know how.
    Boots: My boots got dirty from mud (not a scratch to be seen anywhere). click here for photo
    Gloves: The knuckle protectors on my right hand wore a little (not much). click here for photo

    So the jeans, jacket, lid and knee armour need replacing. Bye-bye $1,600 (unless I get leather riding pants).

    Damage To Bike:
    The bike did the same as me - hit the barrier post and bounced off. The front fender cracked (almost completely off - I ripped it off afterwards - click here for photo). The right blinker cover cracked/broke but the indicator still works and the stem is ok. The ball on the end of the right brake lever is half ground away and the bar end weight is a little ground away (click here for photo). The bracket that holds the right foot peg and rear brake lever snapped so the peg and lever are fine (click here for photo). The brake line stopped it from coming off altogether. There's some carbon fibre worn off the exhaust. There's no scratches to the frame, tank, seat, ducktail or anything else. That completely amazed me.

    My gear is going to cost a lot more than repairs to the bike. I don't know if I'll do an insurance claim. I'm 99% leaning towards not making a claim.

    Sequence Of Events:
    I came in a bit quicker than I wanted to and was off the throttle the entire time. Enigma got through it faster than I did and that was fine so I thought I'd be ok at a bit slower speed. I wasn't. After I'd tipped in and looked a little further ahead I saw the road was damp across it. The rest of this happened over a matter of seconds. I decided that I would take a wider line then and follow the outer wheel path. I then saw there was mud just outisde of it. I thought to myself, "Don't go there." and kept looking at it. I told myself not to target fixate and look up the road to where I want to go.... but I kept looking at the mud and told myself not to go there. I chastised myself then looked up the road and thought I was drifting wide so stupid me looked back at where I shouldn't have been looking at all. By this point it was too late. I wasn't turning in, had drifted off the outside wheel path and was just about at the mud. My arms then froze when my brain said to push hard on that right bar. I didn't of course.

    As soon as I hit the mud I went down. I could hear the grinding and cracking noise coming from my bike. The scary thing was that I was sliding towards the guard rail feet first with my bike directly to my left. I saw the barrier post coming up and when I was about 1-2 m away from it, I looked away. I didn't want to watch myself hit it. I must have blinked or something at that point too because the next image I had was a close up of the road out of the periphery of my right eye. I concluded that I'd bounced off the post. I told myself to pick my head up off the road then the next fright came to me. I was sliding sideways down the road but drifting towards the centre line. The bike hit the guard rail / post as well and bounced off and was left well behind. I was afraid that the Chevy Suburban behind me would clean up the bike and me after it. It didn't. I was afraid I'd drift into oncoming traffic head first. I stopped before that happened and so did traffic in both directions.

    Maybe I blanked out for a second or three at this point because when I looked up towards oncoming traffic, they'd stopped and there was already a queue of about 6 cars. I looked up towards the bike, got up and walked quickly up towards it. It was 5-10 m away from me. The guy in the Suburban was almost at the bike when I was still a few metres away. The Hyo was still running so I hit the kill switch when I got there then tried to pick it up. I was trembling a little and shocked and had nothing. My right knee was complaining a little at me too. The guy was asking me if I was ok and so did the lady who was with him. He asked me if I could ride it. I answered yes immediately without checking out the bike. That guy and another picked up the bike for me. Petrol was spilling out before they did. The second guy saw that the right foot peg and brake bracket had broken and it was obvious I wasn't going to put my foot on there. He asked me if I wanted an ambulance or police and I said no. I didn't want the police giving me a fine.

    I waited about 30 seconds before starting the bike just to get myself together. It started after I opened the throttle half way (which I did after the intial burst of the starter motor). I rode away slowly then sped up a little. The bike started to run rough (as I knew it would after witnessing what happened to my exes bike when she laid it down on its side) so I dropped a couple of gears and kept the revs up around 7,000 rpm while it was doing that.

    After doing about 5 km I decided to pull over into a street. I was still a little shaken and wanted to release the cars behind me. After about 5 minutes Enigma and Jim (an SV650S rider doing laps of the Spur) pulled up. The bike was still there idling. Jim looked over it then told me to turn it off. He saw that the foot peg and brake lever were resting on the exhaust and noted that the brake line wasn't far off it. He used some duct tape to hold the assembly off the exhaust and explained why (its obvious but brake fluid emptying out near/on the back tyre would have been bad news). I went off to check my knee. There was no bleeding through my thermals so I figured it was as ok as it could be.

    Apart from a stop at Healesville to put on my wet weather gear and a stop at Lilydale to bid adieu to Enigma, I went the rest of the way home with my right leg tucked up with half of my right foot on the top of the crank case cover.

    I'll post up tomorrow night photos of my disintegrated Hornees, busted leather jacket, and damage to the bike. I'll take a photo of the bruising on the back of my knee as well.

    It could have turned out a whole lot worse for me. That's what I get for target fixation.
  2. I think I'll fire off an email to Hornee with photos from my off and ask them how that compares to "Hornee woven Kevlar is engineered to perform" they put on their website. I think their jeans have not worked much better than normal jeans for me. My Axo knee armour saved me (from a broken knee/leg and from road rash). The Hornees wouldn't have saved me from road rash when I came off at around 60-65 km/h.
  3. Hornee and Draggin are both the same. Its the impact that makes them fall to pieces. Why i wear nothing but leathers.

    Good to hear your ok and good to hear you were wearing a vital piece of equiptment ( that most others say nah i'll be right don't need it ) a back protector
  4. Ouch. Glad to hear you're relatively ok, though I reckon your knee will be hurting like hell this morning.

    Also glad to see that you've taken something from this, it's only by learning from our mistakes can we hope to avoid repeating them.
  5. I was going to call you last night to find out what happened. Sorry to hear about your off mali, glad you werent seriously hurt. Bikes and gear can be replaced easily, you can't :)

    Will give you a call this afternoon.
  6. Good to hear you came out of it in one piece. I'm amazed at how lucid about the whole thing you are.

    With regard to the Hornees, I guess it's pretty hard to quantify the damage you would have sustained by wearing normal denim instead.
  7. Hope you heal quickly dude
    Good to see that you are aware of what went wrong and may benifit from it in the long term.

    On the other hand....

    Get my drift?
    Dont put your faith in Hornee/Dragins for roads like he Spur. It commands too
    much respect than denim matey.
    Save those kevlar jeans for a run to the shops.



  8. glad to hear you're ok :)
  9. Damn that sucks. Good to hear you're ok though.
  10. yep, glad you're kinda ok....but people.... WEAR LEATHER! :!:
  11. Yep I had an off on Saturday too and before I left I had Hornees and summer jacket on...... I then though...... put your leathers on you idiot.

    Very glad i did. Its leathers everytime from now on.

    Glad your ok, seems the knee protectors have saved you from a bad injury. Hope its a quick recovery for you.
  12. Sorry to hear about your off, glad you're okay and in one piece.
    Looks like I might start looking into buying leather pants and knee armor.
    I plan on being a regular rider on roads like the spurs.
  13. as others have said glad you are ok if not a little bruised.

    I also really appreciate you posting about this incident. the feedback on the gear you were wearing plus how effective it all was has 100% set me on getting proper leathers ( as opposed to the $400+ I was going to spend on some kevlar jeans ).

    Question: the knee pads, were they the offroad type you put on with velcro straps or something else?

    and thanks for keeping a sense of humour about it all. loved the thread title! :LOL:
  14. You are a duffer mate. Come along to Tuesday coffee and show us your bruises. That means wearing shorts, because I don't want to see you drop your pants in the restaurant! :shock:

    I'm glad you seem to be okay. Get the knee checked if you feel anything unusual. You may have twisted it and done some damage.

    For all the criticism of the Spur, it is a brilliant road to learn and practice on, and when something goes wrong, it is relatively close to help. You have definitely learned something, the hard way, this time around.
  15. Dougz will be happy; he hates Hyos :LOL:
  16. Thanks for posting, GoTeam. I ride the Spur often and will be revising the level of protection I wear. Normally the surface is impeccable compared to the nearby twisty roads, so you might have had some bad luck there. Glad that you're OK and walked / rode away from the accident. Alex.
  17. There are big protection differences between Draggin Jeans and Hornee -
    Draggin Jeans have actually passed the European CE level one abrasion resistance test. This means that they are able to resist abrasion for at an average 4.4 seconds - about double the Hornee jeans.

    To date they are the only motorcycle jeans to have passed the CE EN 13595 test.

    There's an article here about CE testing and certification - even though it's several years old, it's still interesting - even if the lists of CE approved manufacturers is out of date.

    PS: Ride Magazine's tests on textile suits also make for an interesting read.
  18. again, glad you're ok mate!!
    will have to check out the war wounds at coffee sometime.

    i know some people disagree with what im about to say, but its my opinion, take it as that, not scientific proof.

    it's completely your call, but by the sounds of it your lid didnt take too much of a battering, just light grazing? i'd keep it then, as if it didnt take a direct impact, but just grazes as it skimmed the road, it shouldnt need replacing. you want to be 100% sure you didnt hit the ground as you went down, or the railing/post as you bounced off it, though. just might save you another $500+...

    and yeah, leathers!!!

    i wouldnt bother with a claim either, much cheaper in the long run to fix it yourself. wreckers is your friend :grin:
  19. That sucks mate hope there isn't complications coming up with your knee..

    Hornees suck in my opinion, (i wear them, don't have anything else) I caught the knee of a pair on a pc case i was doing in install on and it riped a large hole in them, the ICON's i had before them lasted a year of hard knocks, scrapes and almost every day wear (im a cheap b@st@rd) they eventually died from over use.

    Hopefully someone will come up with something more abrasive resistant soon (prays to the gods of carbon nanotube technology)
  20. Sorry to hear the bad news but glad you came out of it relatively unscathed. Hope you heal up soon and as the others have said, get leathers.