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black helmets!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeffatav, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. What is it with cruiser riders and black helmets?
    Am I missing something?
    I don't want to offend anyone, just wondering.
    I ride a cruiser myself but only have a red full face helmet that is visible,safe and still looks cool.
    I cant help but notice just about all other cruiser riders wear black.
    I really don't mind, but I can't get this this cliche' out of my head!

  2. I ride a cruiser and my helmet has three tone graphics,
    black white and silver (very little black).
    More silver than anything else.
  3. You ride a cruiser and you lose sleep over other people's clich├ęs?

    Get a life!

    Some research suggests that plain black, especially larger amounts, can be more visible than brighter colours, especially if the colours are broken up. It may be that bright colours disappear against a garish urban background, while dark colours stand out. Visibility is not quite as obvious as it may seem. Human perception is an odd thing.
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure a black helmet is more visible than yours if you're riding amongst red cars. A helmets visibility is proportional to the colors it contrasts in the background. All helmets are visible given the right surroundings, and none are best in all surroundings.
  5. I've seen drivers not even notice a fully laden b-double before so there's going to be times when even the brightest coloured helmet ain't going to make a difference. That said I reckon there could be something to the all black bikie look adopted by a lot of cruiser owners - if you can intimidate drivers by your appearance they might be less eager to try and cut you off. Fairly sure most drivers assume anyone on a cruiser is a member of some "bikie gang".
  6. I think maybe a descending swarm of multi coloured sports bikes appearing in the rear view and seconds later swarming about the car like a buzzing cloud of euorpean wasps , may well be taking over from the laid back cruiser look as the no 1 intimidating experience . :p
  7. Not to mention, you hear the buggers on their cruisers coming from a mile away too. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger walking through a Japanese crowd.

    I've always worn black helmuts on my sports bikes. 20 years of it... feels funny the thought of all those colours on my head...
    But if you are an individualistic kinda person, meaning not conforming to mainstream etc, it's more comfortable to be blank, rather than to choose others designs. But in doing that you are following rules also, yes i know.
    WEll it just comes down to fashion. Cruiser riders are very fashionable.
  8. I got a matt black helmet because it goes with everything and I wasn't sure what colour bike or gear I would end up with ..... then I bought black everything cause it went with the helmet.
    now I'm committed to forever ride black bikes...
    I've been assimilated into the DarkSide.
  9. Black Helmets

    Lot of talking going on!

    Real reason? Looks Cool!! and is still doin the same job as those lary Rossi types, Savin ya scone!
  10. Yep you can hear the kids in the car , Dad lookout , the power rangers are attacking us

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. i get black because i like it, dont need the funny colours on my melon.
    this is a time waster for sure
  12. Nicely summed up,

    Visability, why worry if they cannot see you its their fault and you will not have to pay as liability will fall on them, :grin: :grin: :grin: although it sucks when your dead/hideously disfigured and your bike is trashed and no amount of money can compensate you

    I Just like silver/semi plain reflective helmets cause I always thought black helmets would get hotter in the sun.
    Also it looks less badass so my neighbours and people in the area see me as just a normal person who they have stuff in common with as opposed to one of those crazy motorcycle riding hoons or a bikie
  13. Realistically, the size of a motorcycle rider in traffic is tiny. It doesn't really matter what colour apparel you wear, you are still a tiny target. If you are hunched over on a sports bike, it's even less significant.
    Buy the colours you like, but brighter may be better in rural areas, where the predominant background colours will be green, brown or dark shadows.
    In the city, I doubt colour does a thing! I'd rather buy a brighter bulb for my headlamp than change colours of my apparel.
    I wear a metallic blue hemlet because I liked the colour.

    Regards, Andrew.

    (edited because I can't type!)
  14. i have a small head, like seriously kiddy hat size..... i just chose the helmet that fit my head best and was the most comfortable. might just be an opinion thing, but personally i think smackin my head on the ground ain't gonna be fun in blue black or red.
  15. my helmets black coz i liked it better than the white or silver ones and was cheaper than the graphic ones. going with everything helps too.

    ok it's really just the dark evil look im going for! :twisted:
  16. I have several things to say about this topic - unfortunately my post looks like the incoherent ramblings of a madman - maybe I am - you decide.

    I've got two helmets - one full face and one open - both in black. my cruiser is black. my leather jacket is black. however my other bike is blue silver, yet my jacket is still black.

    black goes with any colour bike

    black is cool

    I'm too old for multi-coloured 'no-fear' / Valentino Rossi colour schemes

    there's something about a black helmet and a black cruiser which just makes it seem right

    I like black helmets

    I can't see what colour it is when it's on my head

    my pillion (wife to be aka Home Finance Minister) also likes her black helmet and she 'recommended' I get the same

    if I think of anything else I'll add it later