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Black Hands After gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wypuk, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this, after wearing my alpinestar SP2 gloves my palms and fingers are black, and it doesnt wash off
    has anyone else experienced this with new gloves? is there anything i can do about it?

  2. Ussually a combination of cheap gloves and moisture, but then again Alpine stars aren't cheap or are they?
  3. Same thing happened to me yesterday in my Joe Rockets. It'd be the leather dye, should stop happening after a couple of decent sweats in them.

  4. Ewww you mean MORE sweating is required LOL
    is it possible to soak them in warm water or something like that to get rid of the dye?

    the SP2 cost me 140 so i dont consider them to be cheap pfft
    its the 2nd most expensive thing i own apart from my jacket, the helmet was a bday prezzy
  5. Meh, just because you spent a lot of money, doesn't mean they're quality. My Joe Rocket gloves are absolute crap. Never made my hands black though... hmmm.
  6. My Joe Rockets fit and feel great. Hopefully they stand the test of time, but as far as feel goes, they were the best I tried on (and I tried on a LOT of gloves).

  7. I've got SP2s myself and when they were new i also got a lot of black stuff on my hands. It will stop soon enough.

    I do occassionally get a bit of black gunk from them now, but it's only a little.
  8. When we got our new gloves I washed mine in cold water - this helps to stop dye running. Andrew wouldn't let me do his, said not to worry about it....18 months down the track and he still gets red hands from the dye :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Yah I had this problem with a set of unlined leather summer gloves. The leather dye is a pain to get of ones hands too.

    I second the vote for soaking the gloves in cold water it reduces (although may not completely stop) the problem.
  10. The glove coloring problem is quite common and is a symptom of the dying process. It should dissapate with time and can be avoided by soaking the gloves in warm water for a bit then letting them dry naturally.

    You guys are on the right track with respect to quality, you dont always get what you pay for.
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  12. Underdog deserves all the spam they can fling. Aussie company, cheaper than chips* and reasonable quality gear from all accounts**.

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  13. Underdog is advertising on netrider in the title and side bars, so yeah we are spamming your arses.

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    We will however recommend our company if someone asks about leather gear and they are seeking knowledge on whats out there.

    Thanks loz for the comments. As the owner of the company I assure you that we really do try to make the best possible gear for the price range and our products have really improved over the last 2 years.

    Enough of that now... oh marty - when are you coming over for a beer mate?
  14. You are most welcome sir. Now, to whom exactly do I speak about my commission?


    I had a perve on your gear in Cosways City the other day, first time I'd seen it on a rack. Looking good! I'll be coming rooting *your* leg for a two-piece posing pouch later in the year if I survive the next week in Tassie with Marty and the crew.
  15. The nature of the beast. All leather will bleed dye, some more than others.
    Apart from previous soaking suggestion (I might add it is very important that you let the leather dry naturally), my best suggestion would be to wear thin cotton gloves underneath. They make your gloves more comfy and absorb the dye.
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