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Black Flies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Askal, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. I have heard disturbing stories of the black flies in Australia. How bad are they? which areas are the worse? What timeof the year are they most prevelant? Thinking of a 3 week ride in October November. don't mind hot weather if I can get AC at the motel! OK mabe not desert hot! Under 100 F is good!
    Thanks al 8)

  2. Geez, you're worried about flies when we have the greatest collection of poisonous snakes and spiders in the world.... *sheesh*

    Well, there's plenty of flies here, that's for certain. They're generally only around between 6am and 8pm. They leave you alone if you're wearing a personal insect repellant, like Aerogard or Rid or similar - spray on stuff. Failing that, throw a piece of skanky old rancid meat on the ground a little way away from where you are, they love it.

    They're a part of life over here, and we generally don't even notice them. Spiders and snakes however, well, they're a different story... :)

    [edit] Hang on, maybe you're referring to March flies, the buggers that bite and leave really itchy red spots on your skin. I know there's plenty of those on Fraser Island, and in Darwin. Not sure where else, but reckon the repellant would keep them away too.
  3. Like Mzz ZZR said, were that used to flys and others insects splatering on our visor that we dont pay much attention to :D

    But off the bike yeah some personal repelent is all you'll need, and were not that backward down here 99.9% of all our motels have AC :p

    You'll have to post where your thinking of rideing so we can give you some tips.............. just dont fall into the trap of thinking you can see all of AUS in a few weeks, its alot bigger down here than you think :)
  4. or come to Tasmania, the weather is cooler down here so you won't need AC, and it keeps the insect population under control too.
  5. It's depends on where you're going...

    I was in the outback (NSW/QLD) during October last year and there were hardy any flies. But would not venture to the outback after October though - the heat would be unbareable.

    The worst place where fly is a problem is up the Alpine (e.g Charlotte Pass). Walking around the area and the fly will settle on you... but the road up is fantastic :)

  6. Black flies are mainly up in Northern NSW and QLD and aren't usually a problem unless there is serious flooding and you are probably going to have bigger concerns then anyway. You might get an occasional March Fly on a Victorian beach but the buggers bite (slight stinging sensation nothing too worry about) then piss off or due to their size and lack of speed get squished.

    More appropriate corners are the snake and spiders, Australia apparently has 7 or 8 for the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world and our spiders are right up there as well. But again most of the real nasty ones are up north.

    In the Southern states the REALLY serious things to keep watch for are the Drop Bears, nasty little buggers fall straight out of the Eucalypt trees onto you then go to town on your arse. :D
  7. Yeah - the good old textbook...

    Old Edition: Worlds 10 Most Poisonous Snakes, Insects, Reptiles, Plants & Fish

    New Edition: Australian Flora & Fauna

    That said, apparantly baby wipes are good for getting flies off your visor. A moot point if you wear an open face helmet - in that case, can I recommend BBQ sauce...

    Al, don't worry about the flies over here when you ride - you won't really have any problems that will cause you grief. It can get extremely hot at times (110F+) in states, so an alternative to 50lbs of black leather may be advisable. Otherwise, this is a GREAT place for biking - each state has its own character and its own great roads to ride on.

    Where are you headed (which state/s)? Plenty of people here will be happy to provide you with a list of some of the more common places you can get some good riding in.

    Check these out too:

    Tours from Melbourne (not guided tours)

    Motorcycling Roads of Victoria

    I don't know about the latter, but the first one is provided by one of Netriders own.
  8. No flies on you!

    Hey Askal,
    Let us know where you're planning to go and we'll give you the best info. Quite frankly, I don't think the flies will be too much of an issue.
  9. I reckon there'd have to be some great places to ride in Oregon, too.

    You'll have to tell us about 'em at coffee when you're over here.
  10. march flies plenty up nth townsville, cains. there`s nothing to worry about, they fly sooo slow you can knock them down with your hand. Go out west Longreach way,( that`s centre of QLD) the flies out there will drive you insane> If you travel up nth coast > Rocky to Townsville, its a pitty its so hot there in summer months, but you cant go swimming from October to March due the stingers (Jelly Fish) and if you wear leathers up there you will cook like an egg and if you go to Townsville watch the cops its cop city there
  11. Hey, Plane ZRX (Pete) are you in Melb or Airlie Beach QLD?? I went past there on my way up Nth could have met up cheers
  12. Hey Wingman

    How's it going wingman?
    I left Melbourne nearly 12 years ago for the delights of the Whitsunday's so yes, you drove past me.
    I haven't been hanging around netrider too much recently but noticed the start of your Townsville to Perth thread so i thought I'd stop in.
    There must have been rain a few days before you rode up here if the Marchies got you. They only hatch after a good rain, hang around for a few days and then die.
    If you're ever up here again, let me know!
  13. [edit] Hang on, maybe you're referring to March flies, the buggers that bite and leave really itchy red spots on your skin. I know there's plenty of those on Fraser Island, and in Darwin. Not sure where else, but reckon the repellant would keep them away too.[/quote]

    no march flies in darwin what are you talking about.
  14. Mmmm... Vic back beaches cop the march flies... but if you're on the back beaches, you should be surfin, not posing ;)

    And that dropbears link is hiliarous! Actually saw one on the road late one night, fortunately in the other lane. 100km/h road - if he was on our side, there would have been a nice dropbear-shaped indent in the bonnet :(
  15. Nope wouldn't worry 'bout 'em mate Aussie bikes go faster than flys :wink:
  16. Ok lets get this straight, March flies hatch in March, and or after a good rain. I don't care about flies and mosquitos but I don't like biting insect infestations such as yellow jackets.On my last ride (6,000 miles) riding through our "breadbasket" ( farming flat lands) i got stung by 6 bees in one day. How is the ride from Adelaine to Perth in October to November? I'm undecided but pondering starting in Brisbane to Adelaine to Perth. So, how long are these truck trains and how many will you come across in a day? Are the Red Kangaroos aggressive? What is the procedure if I want to cary a gun while riding? Snakes and spiders don't bother me too much as I don't usually camp. We have a brown recluse here, I have been bitten but you just get a small hole after the dead skin falls out. Oregon is a beautiful place to ride. Roughly 300X400 miles. 300 miles of coast, Huge redwood forests, high desert, farmland, millions of water falls.
  17. G,Day Askal,

    Ozzie bees aren't as aggresive as the yank ones, and unless your riding helmet free (which is verboten down here) you should be right. Road Trains are massive but on the bike the only ones that pass you should be going the other way, depending on where abouts you are, the worst you get is a bit of turbulance. You have to be careful how far up you go as summertime in the tropics is our "wet season". Never met an agro Red Kangaroo, but who knows, you may find a Roo with a bike or biker fetish. Each state law is different regarding weapons of any kind, but in most cases it's zero tolerance unless you hold a licence.
    Couple of other things to remember, if you go towards the centre of Oz, or higher, you may find yourself on Aborigine land or settlements, it is illegal to take alcohol or petrol cans into most of these settlements, and the last thing,
    talk slow to the Queenslanders,
    don't drink Sydney beer.
    don't drink Adelaide water, and
    watch the car drivers in Victoria,

    Either way mate, come on over, you'll love it.
  18. Flies.... Aaah the good old aussie wave :wink:

    Like has been said, flies like the daylight, and warmth, so most of the time you'll be riding I imagine, no problem.
    It's when you stop, take off the lid... the little suckers are attracted to the sweaty head and crawl up your nose, in your ears that's when it becomes annoying :eek:

    The Blow Flies are fun, big guys that sound like a Harley, and are about as maneuverable as one.. favourite habit, trying to fly out of a closed window, spending hours beating wings up against the glass and annoying the fark out of you.

    When the flies go to bed, then come the mozzies... swarms and swarms of mozzies, whining and buzzing around your head..... :shock:

    Don't worry about insect repellent... ppppfffft! best defence.. a wonderful liquid, taken orally, called "Bundaberg Rum" drink as much as required to make yourself comfortably numb, go to bed... problem solved.

    Next day, hangover kicks in, flies are now the least of your problem :D

    We'll take it easy on you and forget about the Hervey Bay Sandflies, that there are no sharks in Darwin harbour, cos the crocodiles eat them :wink:
    The Blue Bottle and Irijandi jelly fish that can kill with a sting from the tentacles, Blue ringed octopus, stone fish, Bull-ants that can jump up to your nuts from the ground and BLOODY HURT when they bite. the green tree ants that the Aborigines used to use as sutures by getting them to bite over the cut, then pull the heads off.......

    When you coming over? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  19. Yet, you make it sound so appealing. You should consider a second job as a travel brochure writer! Comming over n Oct/ Novenber.