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Black Dog?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by rat man407, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. now i know most of you know the myth of Black dog

    so me and a mate where riding for about hours straight going along some highway can't even remember witch one it was because after hours they all look the f*cken same when i saw it just this big black dog ruining beside me at the time i was doing around 130-150kms.

    So i was just wondering weather anyone Elsa has seen the black dog or similar?
    I know a few of my mates that drive truck have been i have never heard of anyone on a motorbike seeing it

  2. It was probably my dog and i forgot to feed him, and he was out haunting people.

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  3. yeah that's a bus.
    has a greyhound painted on the side.
    don't worry about it.
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  5. Are you sure it was a dog? Could've been a very large cat
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  6. no i was not on drugs
    and if it was your dog **** it was fast and if it was the bus where the **** was the rest of it
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  7. It is one of those prevalent myths, I suspect because it is so prevalent that it is one of those tricks our brains play on forcing patterns on to random lights and dark patches.

    Black Dogs are a whole class of monstrous, canine apparitions prevalent in European folklore, showing up frequently in English and Scottish lore. These mythical creatures are also often known as Hellhounds, and are described as being huge dogs, roughly the size of a calf (though there have been sightings which have placed them as large as horses); covered in thick, shaggy black hair and with glowing red eyes.

    Despite their name, these creatures are not necessarily black, as there have been reports of them being white, spotted, yellow and even brown. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are reports of Cerberean Black Dogs – meaning they have two or three heads. The Hellhound’s canine teeth are often described as being longer than average, and, to many people, seem to be grinning at some hidden knowledge, rather like a canine Cheshire Cat. Black Dogs may be benevolent; they may be malicious; or they may be neither.

    These apparitions appear at places that serve as transition archetypes – places such as lonely county rounds, ancient highways, bridges, crossroads, and shallowed entrances. Hellhounds are said to guard treasure or sacred places. More often than not, if you leave a Black Dog alone, it will not bother you but if you attempt to harm one, the consequences are dire. Black Dogs can inflict frightful wounds that may prove fatal. Indeed, in much folklore that describes these creatures, to see one is portent of death, though there have been purported instances of Black Dogs guiding lost travelers to safety.
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  8. Aww cmon cj, he just bit big time and you cut us off having fun :p.
  9. Sorry I had an attack of sensibleness ;) It won't happen again.
  10. So the message the op should get from this, is...you were speeding and were going to die, so slow down till the dog disappears... Right?
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  11. Hey Rat man,

    Did you have a gopro at the time? Would be interesting to see what you saw!!!.... or just pulling our leg?
  12. no gopro and it meant to be a sign your way 2 tired and need to stop i don't think it was really there it was it seemed so real
  13. Could be the 'red dog'? he's known to travel around looking for his master and also, hitch hiking :)
  14. The black dog is what kills the kittens. QED.
  15. It was probably your shadow from street lights floating along beside you and then your tired brain wasnt sure what it was and finally made the conclusion 'Dog'.
  16. I thought the message was, don't ride when you're tired, take a break, get off the bike.
  17. That's better. Although I must confess, that if I was cruising along and saw a big black dog running beside me, I wouldn't have to worry about stopping!...I'd probably fall off! Lol
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  18. yeah pretty much
  19. Forget the black dog... That's probably just your brain misidentifying a shadow or a dark object: I see something black in the house all the time and my brain instantly tells me it's the cat (she's black), only for me to realise it's something else when I actually turn to look at it.

    Here's a ripper of a sleep deprived hallucination:
    A few years ago I hallucinated a "Road Closed" sign and barricade across the road, about a minute's drive from where I lived. When I saw it, I thought "Oh, no! That means I'll have to turn around and go the long way around, and that's going to take another 20 minutes!" As I got closer (slowing down to turn around, or maybe sneak past, if I was lucky), the damned thing completely disappeared! I nearly stopped as I got to the place where I "saw it" but it definitely wasn't there, so I trundled on my merry way home, knowing that it was most definitely time for bed!!!