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Black Dog Ride - 29 April 2012

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by GreyBM, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. On 29 April 2011, rides will be held in ACT, NSW Vic and WA (Tas ride will be held on 22 April 2011) to help raise community awareness of depression and suicide prevention, help reduce the stigma associated with mental problems. Money raised from registration will be and raise funds for Lifeline.

    The Victorian Ride will start from the Public Hall , Main Street, Bacchus Marsh, (roughly opposite the servo on the corner of Main Street and Young Street) only a short ride from Melbourne/Geelong/Ballarat leaving at 11:00 am. The ride will be preceded by check-in/registration, mental health expo and morning tea from 9:30 am onwards.

    Officially the ride will finish with lunch at historic Maldon and will cover around 150 Km. However I will be running an after-ride back to Bacchus Marsh for interested Netriders and making an all up distance of around 250 Km for the circuit.

    Generally the ride will be a relaxed affair rather than a race and the standard will suit all riders including Learners/New Riders.

    This should be a good ride for a great cause, so mark 29 April in your diaries now.

    Details of Victorian Ride and registration as well as the rides in each state here

    The site also includes a pdf version of a poster for the ride. It will be appreciated if anyone who can, could print this out and get a copy to their local bike shop or motorcycle club etc to help publicise this worthwhile cause. Melbourne Mick has posed a jpg version immediately below if you wish to help publicise by posting into facebook or other appropriate sites.

    Feeder Rides to the start point.

    McDonalds Western Ring Road OUTBOUND Sunshine
    This is the main Netrider feeder ride to the Bacchus Marsh start venue.
    Map Link: [/B]http://g.co/maps/snk73
    Time:0900 to depart 0915 Sharp
    Ride Leader: MelbourneMick

    The ride to Bacchus Marsh will be the most direct way of Western Freeway. Due to the expected large number of riders this will be the easiest way to keep it all together and the idea is to get to Bacchus Marsh for the Black Dog Ride without any fuss.

    E.T.A. at Bacchus March is 09:45. - This gives us approximately one hour before the ride commences which will allow time for Registration Check in, being issued with your Winston Mascot (if requested), Refuelling, coffee etc.

    This ride will be at posted speed limits and is Leaner friendly. If you wish to ride beyond this level then feel free to make your own way there.
    A TEC will be appointed any volunteers send a PM to MelbourneMick

    As these are fairly direct routes the use of Corner Markers will be kept to a minimum but a quick briefing of the routes will be given at Pier Rd and Sunshine .

    Please ensure you have enough fuel to make it to Bacchus Marsh. There are a number of Service Stations at Bacchus Marsh so filling up there won’t be a problem.

    If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this Feeder Ride, please PM Melbourne Mick

    Feeder Ride from Mordialoc This ride is a feeder to the McDonald's Ring Road main Feeder Feeder start point
    Start Point: Café De Tour - Pier Rd Mordialloc - near Mordialloc Pier. (Just look for all the cyclists with their lolly bags wrapped in lyrca.)
    Map link: http://g.co/maps/76787
    Time: 0745 to depart 0800 Sharp
    Ride Leader: MelbourneMick

    The ride will go along Beach Rd, stop at BP Elwood to pick up riders there and then go on to McDonalds Sunshine the start point of the main feeder ride where it will meet up with other riders and then go on to the Bacchus Marsh start venue

    If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this Feeder Ride, please PM Melbourne Mick

    Feeder Ride from DFO Essendon [Dan Murphy car park]
    Map Link: http://g.co/maps/69cf7
    Time: 8:35am sharp
    Ride Leader: Goddie

    This will pick up anyone in the Essendon area and go to the McDonald's Ring Road to meet up with Mick's feeder.

    Nunawading Feeder CANCELLED - For Alternative see Glen Wavely Feeder Below

    McDonald's Glen Waverley - Cnr Springvale Rd & High St Rd
    Map Link:
    Time: 0745 for 0800 sharp start
    Ride Leader: Lazy Libran

    Feeder Ride from BP Service Station Marine Parade Elwood (Satruday Learner Practice location)
    Map Link:
    Time: Depart 8:30 am Sharp
    Rider Leader: MelbourneMick (Will pick up on his ride through from Mordialloc)

    Geelong Feeder Ride - Corio Bay Road House
    Map Link:
    http://g.co/maps/z8227 (about 300 m on the Geelong side of Bunnings)
    Time: 0800 for brekky 0845 Departure
    Ride Leader: HB
    This ride will take the "scenic route" directly to the Bacchus Marsh start venue. For details send a private message to HB.

    Other Important Information
    Pleased ensure you have enough Fuel to get to Bacchus Marsh. It is suggested that when you arrive at a meet point fill with fuel.

    Riders wishing to do the afterride should ensure they fill up with fuel at Bacchus Marsh before coming to the start venue. It will be around 180 km before we refill so have a full tank.

    If you have requested a Winston mascot remember to bring a few occy straps, cable ties or the like to secure him to your bike.

    Speed Cameras: There are speed cameras on the way to the Main start location on the signage gantry on the Western Freeway at the Millers Rd Exit and on the Western Ring Road at the Boundary Road Exit. Slow down or say cheeze :LOL:
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  2. Here is a jpg version of the poster so you can smash it all over your facebook, forums and others internerdy places of interest


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  3. Damn ....

    My 2nd born gets married on the 28th ... ( I have the pleasure of giving her away :D)
    I spose if the better half and I have recovered sufficently from the festivities we will be there ....
  4. Thanks GreyBM, I'll be on the Sydney leg this year.
  5. Locked in.
  6. Wilco and I will be attending....
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  7. Hope I'll be able to make it.

    GreyBM will see what I can do about the posters down here as promised, but won't be able to this week. Without both sets of wheels on Saturday, due to daughter doing early shift in Torquay so she will have my the car, as hers is off road at the moment. Should be able to do it following Saturday.
  8. Booked.
    I'm looking foward to this ride and supporting a great cause.
    I have some family members who battle with depression and I have lost one cousin and two friends through suicide.
    They will all be riding with me in spirit.

    Thanks GreyBM for getting the information out there.
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  9. a good cause, in like flynn
  10. Thanks for putting it up, Grey. I'll def try to make it.

    Is anyone planning to start/lead a feeder ride from Ringwood/Wantirna area?
  11. I figure we can get a few feeder rides happening closer to the event.

    Bacchus Marsh is straight up the Western Hwy so probably Todd Road Servo will be the most obvious point closest to the City. Anyone further west may wish to pick up from further out and other feeders could meet locally and go to Todd Road.
  12. I passed the info for this ride onto PCMC.

    If they organise a group it will most likely leave from the Waterstone Cafe in Point Cook where they have their Sunday Breakfast.

    Will let you know when Marcel gets back to me.
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  13. I will be attending. I will be out of my hiatus by then. :)
  14. I'll be there.
  15. Would you be interested in meeting up somewhere close by i.e. Nunawading Maccas or something?
  16. ill try to be there,

    for those who dont know i got into motorcycling partly due to depression.
    i went overseas to do missionary work for the church (im mormon) i got sent to sierra leone. however i developed severe depression about 2 weeks in, the medication helped for a few weeks but then i stopped responding and it kept developing. it got to the point where i was suicidal (its scary the first few times you think of how you are going to do it..... then as your mind doesnt work right it becomes the most viable option as it ends the pain and nothingness. and when you get that far. thats all you want to happen, is for it all to end as it overwhelms you)
    i had to be sent home (stayed another 2 weeks in order to recover to a point where i was able to fly home under escort with a doctor) it took me another 6-8 months to recover to a point where i was back to stability (normal isnt the right word)

    what does this have to do with riding. well while i was suffering in sierra leone one of the things that got me through was this image/dream i had of me riding an sportsbike past the BP servo on maroondah highway near chirnside shopping centre. (for intrests of others it was an white with red decals yamaha fzr.... that should tell you why i have the attraction to them) so i promised myself that when i got home i would get myself a motorbike.... well the week i got home so did another missionary so we booked a course together and the next week i got my L's, week after that i was on the VTR.

    i was lucky, i had the backing of a church with great support in place for these things. (in sierra leone i had 4 doctors looking after me through phone and email contact, plus luckily my mission president [person responsible for missionarys] was a marriage councilor). all missionarys have companions 24/7 to keep us safe and so we are never alone, and mine was supportive.
    And when i got home i had regular visits with a church psychologist. as well as the support of my family, local gp and the Psychiatrist

    sadly unless you have suffered from it, it is very difficult to understand. depression is like a disability. if i had an arme removed then everyone would understand how im physically unable to do things.... wel depression is the same except the injury doesnt show as obvious symptoms. it takes away your ability to think and feel emotion. you are constantly in pain. and you really are disabled.
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  17. Spenaroo, thanks for sharing your story. Unfotunately it is all too common and like you say other people cannot always see it, sometimes until it is too late. Hope you contuinue to stay on top.
  18. No worries.
  19. I'll join you from here as well
  20. If I can find a roadie for the day I'm in!
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