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Black Dog Ride 2010

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brokey, Aug 5, 2011.

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    The Black Dog Ride a motorbike trip to the Red Center to raise community awareness of depression is departing again soon for the red center but this is a look back to last years…

    Part 2

    I wish I was still on two wheels myself :cry:


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    Four secs of the second video came from my GoPro Helmet Cam. Woot! For more info see the blog I started when I joined the Black Dog Ride last year at http://dazza.id.au There are three videos on the video tab from the ride that I did as well mostly using two GoPros.

    I'll be on the ride again this year and can't wait. The founder of the ride, Steve Andrews, is an amazing guy and all the riders were fantastic to be with.
  3. The Black Dog ride completed a couple of months ago ended with a breakfast on Sunday August 28 at the remote Glen Helen Resort 132 kms West of Alice Springs. $159,665 which will go to helping the Black Dog Institute roll out their Community Education Programs across Australia.

    A highlights video has been put together...

    One day when I get back on board I intend to ride it...being a survivor...