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Black 2012 Z1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ascottaudio, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. First pic of the new bike. Will take some more snaps at a later date.


  2. Scott,
    I really like your bike...
    Hint : Don't leave the bike lying around anywhere with the keys nearby (y)
  3. Woody up! .. BLACK bikes rule
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  4. Dont worry I have a great theft prevention device....here's a pic of "the gate keeper" at 8 weeks of age being held by my son..

    Now aged almost 3 years..he is still very cute..but a LOT bigger!

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  5. Sweet bike! Congrats.

    P.s. is that a puppy st. bernard? Big fan of monsterous dogs!
  6. I dunno, dont think it looks good in your driveway, reckon it would look better in mine!! :)

    nice lookin beast!! the bike i mean not the pup lol
  7. VERY nice ride. Congrats.
  8. very nice, but those stickers need to GTFO
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  9. Congrats on a really, really nice ride!
    I wish I could "upgrade" my z750 to your Z1000... oh well, maybe someday.
    Enjoy it!
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  11. More pics of the dog!
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  12. The Z1000 has to be the best looking sports naked by far. Any mods planned, duel shorty carbon pipes and fender eliminator would look sweet ;)
    Awesome choice, and gorgeous dog
  13. The silver Z stickers don't really offend me ATM...but then again taking them off would make the bike even Blacker!..

    Was thinking of doing a black with white highlights "theme" on the bike..but now that you've pointed it out... really..black with black highlights is proly the way to go!
  14. Kwacka makes a good bike. :D

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  15. Far too wet for me to take the new bike out..so..

    I have been doing quit a bit of research..checking out the bike sites..this one and others..and..after reading a lot of the crash stats I have succeeded in making myself rather paranoid..and although I think a certain amount (of paranoia) is ok..I think it also needs to be tempered with some stats looking at things from another perspective..

    The first (and probably only) time I heard someone say "I am safer on my bike than in a car"..I was taken aback..this persons story about being in a "pile up" where he was of the opinion that being on a bike saved him from serious injury. (because he was the only vehicle that was able to manoeuvre away from the crash zone) ..is a story I like to bear in mind..

    There are also other safety benefits from being on a bike..


    PS even though the new bike is in a shed and under an old car cover..Ive still been out to check it half a dozen time today to make sure it wasnt getting any dripps on it!..a bit sad but hey it is very new.

  16. Bike & Dog

    Took a snap of the bike with the dog. Not easy to get a shot with him in the possy I wanted but with the bike in the shot it gives an idea of his size..

    Bing an Akita both bike and dog have the "land of the rising sun" in common.=D>

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    He's lovely :)
  18. Holy crap, that looks ace!