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Bl00dy taxi

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ozknightrider, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. This @ss hole taxi driver on the corner of Collins and William St at about 5:15pm today decides to pass in front of me cutting me off in order to do a hook turn and turn right. I had to grab on the fronts and I gave him 3 seconds of high beam and horn. At the same time I was going straight through the intersection with horn still going he decides to continue with the turn ! instead of waiting for me to pass so I had to swerve rightout of the way to miss him. Alot of people would have seen this happen, and I was really tempted to change my route and chase him but the intersection had already started to fill up. No doubt I was very angry when I got home, I hope he gets karma for this.

  2. Its frustrating, but your hear to tell the tale as opposed to being knocked over.

    If it makes you feel any better, I can recall a taxi incident where I wanted to make a right turn across a busy intersection and I took too long for the taxi driver behind me. So instead of abusing me etc he decided to use his front bumper and nudge my back tyre a few times instead to give me some encouragement.

    Remember speed kills but courtesy and patience has no part to play apparently.

    Enjoy your ride.
  3. How dare he! What an idiot. I'm sure he would love that if you were in a car and did the same thing! :facepalm:
  4. You must be extremely careful with taxi drivers. They are lawless and they just don't give a f--k. Don't be tempted to punch their heads in though. Can get you in trouble.
  5. I too have had run ins with many taxi's, most of them are actually ok and apologise after you give them some treatment with the horn, in which case I usually back down and go "Ok, he got the message, it's over".

    However on one occasion after sounding my horn to one of them that cut me off, he proceeded to give me the finger and abuse me because "I have no place on busy roads, I should only ride bikes when it's quiet"....(idiot much?). Now I don't condone road rage, however for this special bloke I decided to make use of the titanium plate on my boots to 'leave my mark' on a taxi's front body.
  6. BAHAHAHA!!... next time aim for a mirror, if its not their taxi they have to pay for it!! And if it is... it is still a pain in the Arse...