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Bl**dy Thieves

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cruisingal, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. I just had to do a mad dash to the after-hours medical clinic, my nearly 12 year old thought he would try to amputate his leg with a stanley knife :eek:

    We got out about 1 - 1/2 hours later and first thing I do is reach for the smokes (tobacco in a $30 tin) in the console (stressed mother remember)...they're not there! On closer inspection, someone has been through my car: my green shopping bags (all 10 of 'em) scattered on the back floor instead of under the driver seat. My oldest son's hockey skates were still in the back of the car (worth $900, bl**dy lucky for him for leaving them in there in the first place:? )

    By this time I'm swearing (needed that smoke even more now!) then half way home I thought to ask my son to check the glove box....My camera and my MP3 player (with all my mediations and uplifting songs on :!: ) are gone too (which I could really do with right now!).

    I am so, so mad and feel sick at the same time.

    I could claim on my insurance (have had car insurance for 20 years and never made a claim) but the excess is $450. I have rating 1 for life, so does this mean my premiums won't be affected if I claim? Maybe I should just replace the camera and player when I can afford to.

    I don't know whether I want to swear, throw something or cry...I think I will just go and do the lot!

    Sorry for the long-winded post, but hubby is in bed and I needed to vent :cry:
  2. Go wake hubby up & chastise him for not being there to support you with the teenager/sharp instrument ordeal.. I know I know... he has to get up early for work...but you could then practice a little "stress relief"....:):)

    Sorry, on a serious note.... there are low lifes in the world arent there??? Vent any time...a listening cyber ear is always handy to unload on....

  3. Oh far canal, I just spilt my full cup of coffee all over the keyboard, and while cleaning it up my post ended up being submitted in the wrong section....sorry guys, could someone move it please?

    I think I should just go to bed and not touch anything between the computer and there!!
  4. mmm definitely time to wake hubby up....:):):)
  5. It's happened to me. I know how you feel. The only way to deal with the bastards when (if) you find them is with a cricket bat.

    Breaking into people's cars is very fcuking rude.
  6. Geez Bron you must be psychic :LOL:

    The only thing I am really sorry about is the camera...it has my oldest son's first ever National Inline Hockey tournament photos on it. I don't usually keep anything of value in the car, but tonight I wasn't thinking straight. Actually, I wasn't thinking at all or I would have twigged I didn't have to unlock the passenger door for my son to get back in after he got glued up!
  7. What a night you have had cruisingal, I would have a strong scotch or something to help sleep it off, wake up tomorrow it's new day.
    There are some people out there that simply don't respect others property, it's even worse when they break into your home while your asleep.
    Hope your 12 year old is ok, and tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Just keep :) :) :) :)
  8. Not psychic..lol... mother to 4 (3 now grown up), and it ALWAYS fell on my shoulders to deal with the drama that we call life.... pick up son from cop shop when busted stealing...pick up same son at 3.00am after his first road bike off, and take him to hospital, (2nd one as well) chaperone the 2 teenage girls around their big brothers VERY cute mates, do the 2.00am party pick up to make sure that the VERY cute mates respected the lil sis's etc etc etc......

    And where was DAD?? Sleeping - had to get up for work - dammit grrrr SO DID I

    Sorry, my turn to vent....:)

    Bugger about the pics tho, see if someone else at the tournament took some, you may get lucky.
  9. BASTARDS........................!
  10. You say that, and yet the best justice ive ever heard of was an amusing set of circumstances that ended up coming back on the victim! The victim was a mate of a mate, i'd met him a few times and knew of him... nothing more.

    One day i hear that he's taking us all out for dinner at an all you can eat joint - reason being i was told his fortune had a change for the better. Hesitantly, i went along with it and had a nice evening out... during which i got the full story.

    His car had been stolen whilst parked outside his house and had been joyridden around for a few hours ending up being ditched in the train station car park with a smashed window, a few scratches around the drivers door lock and a little less rubber on the tyres. Bitter, but glad he got the car back he went to pick it up from the station only to find the joy-riders wallet in the car!

    Anyway, long story short... a deal was struck to fix his car but negotiations went sour. He paid for the car repairs out of his own pocket and then 'reimbursed' himself an appropriate amount from the guys available funds in his wallet. Police report ended up getting filed against the initial victim and he had to pay back the full amount to the joyrider. Slap on the wrist for not being an honest citizen and returning a wallet. Joyrider almost got away with the whole lot as the courts believed that the 'dishonest person not returning a wallet' had made the whole thing up (!), until the joyrider went and did it the following weekend and was caught by the cops whilst in the stolen car.

    Some people never learn.
    The way i see it, theives should have prison & community service time increased dramatically - as well as having all their wordly posessions sold to recompense the suffering endured by the victims of such crime!

    edit: I've had my car broken into twice now - the worst part of it all aside from the stolen property and financial burden; is the sickening feeling in your stomach that your personal space has been violated! What made it worse for me the second time was the blood inside my car from when the theif had smashed the rear quarter window and cut him/herself on the glass.
  11. That is one thing i just can't tolerate, people messing withh other peoples' car/bikes etc. but living in the western sydney area it's something i've come to see more of in recent times, doesn't matter wat it is theiving, breaking in, keying, badging, steeling wheels etc. it just infuriates me. Although it's one of them things that unless you catch the little f*cks in the act there's very little you can do about it, but god help me if i catch someone screwing around with my (or someone else's for that matter)bike/car again. It p*sses me off just thinking about it.
  12. I'm with you Max, bastards will get what's coming to them...

    I've been lucky, only had my car broken into once (Scratch down to metal near passenger door lock, broken rear quarter window, all for 2 CD's, one which was still in the deck) but as Vincent Vega said, it'd be worth the damage to have been able to get my hands on them at the time...

  13. well people are up in arms about the bloke how stabbed and killed the intruder yesterday after him and a mate with a gun tied up the family and were robbing them.
    pity it doesnt ha[ppen a bit more often.

    ok all you bring it on do-gooders
  14. I'm with you Glen. It's just a shame that he didn't do more damage to the other guy. If you take a gun and a sword into a strangers home, tie them up and assault them, you deserve whatever is coming to you.

    The guy's a bloody hero.

  15. Yeah, that guy who defended his family isn't going to be charged (so I heard this morning)

    and rightly so, he was just doing his job as a father, husband etc. Bloody hero!

    Anyways, sorry to hear about the theft, Rating one you shouldn't lose anything, I've made one claim (own fault) on my insurance, (coupla grand of panel damage to my own car) no penalty at all.

    What we need is to have current laws enforced, actually apply the law, then people may get discouraged.

    Only scum target cars at hospitals, they know there's a good chance someones in a hurry/panic and will forget to lock/secure the valuables.

  16. I had my laptop, in a very un-laptop-like bag, stolen from the back of my station wagon (down behind driver's seat, not in the luggage area) 100 metres from the Wollongong Police Station. When I went there to report it, no-one behind the desk wanted to listen, I had to report it on a phone in the foyer to someone in a call centre God-knows-where somewhere else!!! Needless to say it didn't turn up.
    And I lost all my software discs with it, all my diagnostic exuipment built up over years, all so some junkie could get his fix!!!
    I'm sorry your space and your goods were violated, and if shared anger is any help, you have mine!!
  17. I agree 100% about the guy who stabbed the intruder that's the way it should be too, if someone breaks into your house threatening your family you should have every right to defend yourself (read f*ck them up). stories like this should be publicised more therefore maybe d*ckheads might just have second thoughst about breaking into house's.
  18. Yeah I know a bloke who had a unfortunate incident involving badging. He's a teacher, been doing it for 30 odd years, real nice guy the sort that dont seem to get offside. He loved his old nortons and various brit bikes, and after saving his pennys for years and years he decided to spoil himself a few years back with his very first brand new Triumph. A week into having it he was out at a store getting some stuff when he noticed a little hoodlum crouching over his bike doing something (removing the badge apparantly).

    Any way he bolted out the to confront him and ended up beating this little wank with his full face helmet repeatedly into a cowering ball on the ground.

    It ended up going to court and the Judge must have had a badge stolen from his car recently because as soon as the story is told the Judge said "He's sick and tierd of people stealing badges cars and bikes", and let off the bloke for beating him scott free.
  19. I'm back, had to go and get a new keyboard....the other one decided it just didn't like coffee, hehe.

    Have been to the local cop shop and filed a report, but don't like my chances of recovering anything :( CIB will be ringing later today to come and lift prints so we have to be careful not to touch too much in the car :shock:

    I reckon if I had caught the scum at it he would have got a serve and a half. I think everyone has the right to defend their property, possessions, family etc and am glad no charges will be laid on the guy who was assaulted. I don't know what the mental state of this couple will be after such a traumatic experience...they have to live with it for the rest of their lives, but I reckon he did what he had to. I feel so invaded, and I only had my car broken into..I can't even begin to imagine what this couple are going through.

    People are responsible for their actions and they should be made to pay! What goes around comes around, I only hope I'm there to witness it :LOL:
  20. He sounds really lucky because I'll bet if I did something like that I'd be up for assault and the pants sued off me.