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Bizarre front wheel lock up

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by dezmonster, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Off for a weekend coffee ride with my mate.
    He pulls up across the road from my house so I belt up the road to do a U turn to meet up with him where he is parked .
    The traffic was really heavy so I had to accelerate enthusiastically to get in to the traffic and then have enough pace to leave a safe gap between the following cars so I could pull in next to my mate stopped between parked cars.
    I had to brake hard to get into the gap............next thing I know the front wheel is locked and Im front wheel drifting and the bike is starting to keel over my left foot goes out on to the ground and my brain is thinking why is this happening.
    Next nano second the tyre re grips and I feather the brake pulling up just past my mate .
    I look at him perplexed then down at the ground thinking maybe there is oil or fuel I didn't see.
    I turn my head down and back....... and then see it.
    You know those magnetic Learner plates Fark it is sitting black side up so I slid for about three meters on top of it , impossible to see on the tar road.
    In the last two years I have spent a lot of time doing track days , on average last year two a month , I think this saved me as in the last few month I have been pushing harder and harder and getting use to one and or both tyres sliding.
    I consider my self very very lucky that I didn't bin it and end up in the back of a parked car,one of my best mates commutes every day into the city and is a very good rider .
    The only crash he has ever had was exactly what happened to me other than he locked up on a small piece of sheet metal.
    Eyes always open lads .

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  2. I've only come off once. Braking for a red light, and ran over one of those plastic electrician snakes. Front just slid out.

    You were lucky to save it.
  3. Same thing here yesterday going round a roundabout, front tyre hits something slippy, bike starts falling to the right, somehow manage to save it.
    Chocolate buttons on the seat if you know what I mean...