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Bitten by the bug... when did it bite you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomek, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Heya.. im new to the forums and for some time i have wanted a bike... but have always wanted a car a bit more... Would be checking out cars day and night and could never find something i liked.. Until it hit me i want a bike..

    So today was my first ever ride on a bike, was on a closed off stretch of street on a kawasaki ninja 250, was one of the biggest rushes i have ever felt :p and sealed the deal on getting a bike...
    Hit a top speed of 70, mind you felt like 150 :shock: .... Don't brand me as a hoon or anything as im far away from it... Must sound like im babbbling along here... but my heart is still beating fast and im finding it hard to construct sentences.. lol..

    So share to us when and how you got bit...
  2. 11 years ago, sitting on the then South Eastern Carpark, watched bikes lane split

    Made the decision there and then that I was getting a bike.
  3. Five years ago, on a buggered-up thai highway, wringing the neck of a 110cc scooter and flying along at 100kmh. Shorts, singlet, thongs, sunnies, no helmet, no nothing.

    I reckon that most people who don't like bikes must never have ridden one, surely that rush is universal.
  4. I started riding through necessity, I really didn’t want a bike (They scared me stupid) After riding for a year and a half I simply didn’t want to give it up, but events (parents) conspired to push me off the bike
    I have been pining for a bike ever since, once the funds became available my wife was also in the conspiracy of no riding, but through 2 years of intense negotiation I have brought her round sufficiently that she has begrudgingly said yes to me getting one again. 7 Days till I go for my L’s again.
  5. 5 years old - watching a bike wind its way up Bells Line of Road to Kurrajong Heights in the Blue Mountains. :biker:

    I'd have to admit that "Silver Dream Racer" was a rather influential film too... :LOL:
  6. Got my L's as a 21st present from some mates (you know who you lot are! :D) and then i had an urge to try out some bikes. The moment that i think hooked me was whilst test riding a Suzuki Bandit 250 and i came back with the biggest most idiotic grin ever. That same grin was mimicked the first time i rode the FZR250 i bought. Grin was then repeated the first time i jumped on my FZR1000.

    It seems that i constantly need a little reminder of that daft giggle i first got when i started riding. Unfortunately it seems i only get that giggle from riding things exponentially more powerful so i'm thinking turbo next. :oops: :p :grin:
  7. I've always been in to bikes, as long as I can remember.
    Then one of my first 'major' boyfriends was a bikie-type. We tortured each other emotionally for several years, and when we weren't fighting, he'd pick me up on his bike and away we'd go :)
    I moved on from him, and finally, after years of wanting to, got my bike licence in my early 20s.
    Ran out of money, never got around to getting a bike and my learner's licence expired.
    Went to Bali with my present partner, and we hired scooters, and I was well and truly re-hooked.
    Came home, got my Ls and haven't looked back :grin:
    It took a while, but I managed to convince DP to get his bike licence too, and until we had kids we each had a bike. Now we're down to one, and it'll be a while til we can have one each again, but we will!
  8. I like the way topics eventually come around again....

    Here's my story


    Update: Readers might remember that Grandad passed away. Grandma donated his supercharged mobility scooter to a bloke that got paralysed when a pack of shit heads decided to thump him for no reason. Grandad would have approved.
  9. For me it was finally buying a reasonably fast car then realising just how frustrating it is to be stuck behind slow moving traffic. Took a few months of frustration before I finally realised "hey, if I had a bike I could lanesplit/overtake this traffic much more easily". Still have the car and still enjoy driving (as long as there's no slow moving traffic in front of me) but when it comes to negotiating heavy traffic nothing's better than a bike :grin:.
  10. When I was about 10-11 one of my older brothers turned up at my dads place one day on an early Katana ..that day I fell in love ......the rest is history....Kat's still do it for me and i'm 31 :)
  11. wanted one since i was about 12. don't know why - didn't know anyone who had one or wanted one or knew anything about them. got my L's twice in my twenties but let them lapse 'cos i didn't know what to do next. got my L's again and P's 3 years ago. found the whole experience terrifying for the first summer and only marginally less terrifying my second summer. this has been my 3rd summer and i'm finally loving it the way i imagined i would when i was 12 :grin:
  12. I'd been a car nut all my life, but buying the bike was just an impulse thing, I don't think I thought about it all that deeply or that long.......

    Of course, that was 1974 and it may have been very different, but who remembers.....?
  13. Had been working my bum off at work for about 5 years taking no leave until the boss went "You! Just get the F^%$ out of here and burn up some of that bloody leave. See you in 2 months." This was a bit over a year ago. During the time off I taught myself how to build home computers and got my Pilot's licence and then ran out of things to do. Woke up one morning about two days after getting my pilot licence and said "What else can I get a licence for?...A bike!" I was living in Adelaide at the time, rang up that day and as some of you can attest to, was phenomenally lucky and got in on an L's course that weekend due to a cancellation. Was on the road with my L's and my first bike(a great '00 VTR250) within a week. Wish I had come to riding a lot earlier.
  14. Yummy, barb-e-cued crispy David Essex with that awful music at the end. That was a pisser of a movie, but we do have it in our collection.

    I have loved motorcycles ever since I was about 9 and rode a minibike (belonging to friends of the family). After that I wanted one before a car, my parents were adamant I wasn't having one. So I contented myself with dating boys with motorcycles instead. My first husband had a motorcycle and that was probably the real reason I married him - big mistake! 10 years ago I decided enough was enough, partner at the time scared me once too often when he was pillioning me and I got my licence and have never looked back, except to head check. I own the marque and model of bike I have always wanted and if I ever want more power, Husband lets me have a go of the Big Red Bike.
  15. I'd have to admit that I am old enough to have seen it :p
  16. I didn't see Silver Dream Racer until about 2001. The ABC or SBS quite often play these sorts of movies late a night. The other one to look out for and more influential for me was "Girl on a Motorcycle" starring Marianne Faithfull as a young thing wearing a truly fabulous set of leathers, which I wanted badly.
  17. Eldest brother was what's known as a Teddyboy, an English rocker....had an old BSA ...... got a lift on the back once or twice, but first solo was on a 125cc chook chaser on the Amberley to Rosewood Rd in 1974..... been hooked ever since.
  18. I've always wanted a bike ever since I saw Doohan slide his bike without falling off at P.I.
  19. when i realised that i was soon to get my L's (car) and realised how bored i was with cars.

    always had an interest in bikes, found out the pro's of bikes. will deal with the con's when they come
  20. 1999 on the back of my dads blackbird watching all the car driver look on in awe.........