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Bits for Bandits

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2ndclasscitizen, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Well, I've had my Bandit for all of 24hrs, but I'm already thinking about how I can do it up. I'm thinking these headlights http://ausfr.com.au/cart/shopexd.asp?id=112 with this screen http://ausfr.com.au/cart/shopexd.asp?id=117&bc=no a bellypan of some description (http://ausfr.com.au/cart/shopexd.asp?id=159) and a hugger and new can.

    I have couple of questions though.

    1. How hard is it to wire up headlights?
    2. Does anyone know of an exhaust that would fit a GSF250V? Carbon preferably.
    3. IIRC the 2000 V model has variable timing on the exhaust valve, would fitting a new can bugger it up?
    4. Does a hugger need to be specific to the bike you're fitting it to, and where do you mount them to?

  2. 1. You'll need to use a relay with the headlights, you might be able to use the standard ones, depends on the current draw (watts).

    2. What you preferably need is a can that has the same size inlet as your exhaust link pipe (exit) . A custom can hanger might be needed depending where the bracket is on the muffler. Nearly anything can be made to work with a little fabrication.

    3. VVT wont be upset by a different can.

    4. It's best if the hugger is model specific for the mounting points, but again, most can be made to fit (drill new holes in the hugger or brackets).
  3. What would I need to do with this relay thing? Solder it in to headlight wiring before the lights?

    So if I can find a can with the same inlet diameter as what I've indicated here:


    I can just weld it on?
  4. Relays are used to handle the current drawn for the lights, if they were just switched through a simple switch it would melt in no time. The existing lights will use one, they're mounted inline between the headlights and the switch. I don't know if this will be able to handle different lights, and auto electrician would know, and a simple routine job for them.

    Yeah, all you need is a can that has an inlet diameter the same as yours. If it's not the same, an exhaust place will be able to make a flange. The can doesn't have to have a hanger tacked onto it (like yours does standard, unable to for CF cans), you can just use a round pipe hanger like below.


    Many aftermarket mufflers will be too big (physically) for the little bandit, 250-400cc mufflers will be okay, 600cc+ will be too big in my experience.

    Edit: Just noticed your muffler is joined to the link pipe, you can either cut your muffler off, or get a new link pipe made up to suit the new muffler.
  5. I've liked the look of the Neptune pipes (http://www.neptunemufflers.co.nz) so I've emailed them about getting a pipe that'd fit the size. They make pipes for the VTR250 so hopefully something would fit. Would I need to take to a specific exhaust shop to have it welded on and any parts fabricated, or could a normal bike workshop do it?
  6. Any Aus muffler manucturer wll be able to sort it all out.


    Roo racing

    None of these will have an off teh shelf model since yours is integral to the link pipe.
  7. Ah, thanks for that list. Turns out Roo Racing makes a can for the Bandit, and their's are all Carbon. Sweet!