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bit worried at how comfortable i am

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by moad, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I think i need some kind of scare course or something. I have ridden dirtbikes before and am i bit of an adrenaline junkie and i think im way too comfortable on the bike. I went down to sydney (from newcastle) on sunday to pick my first bike up, rode from deewhy back out onto the freeway and rode up doing anywhere up to 130 at night on the way home. I know its stupid but i didnt feel uncomfortable. is this normal or should i be visiting people who have been in bad accidents to scare myself out of it.


  2. You did'nt metion what style of bike you have, but doing 130 on a litre plus bike is a doddle. They will so very easily travel at high speeds, that it's scary. (wehoo!)

    However!!!!!!...when it comes time for something BAD to happen, that 130ks seems like light-years from safety.
    Next time you are doing that, and you want to try and make it a little less comfy, imagine a car suddenly pulling out on you - how fast could you stop, or how would it feel to swerve hard at that speed....and what about that road barrier - could you avoid it, if you front tyre went flat, and headed you straight at it - what would THAT kind of an impact be like!? - EEK!

    I used these methods sometimes, to temper my own "enthusiasm", when it gets a little feisty.
  3. Nothing dangerous about 130 on an empty freeway. Riding in normal traffic will scare some sense into you, or riding over a windy bridge and getting blown into another lane.

    Meanwhile, take some time to work on emergency braking and swerving plus slow speed bike control - try to do it with an experienced road rider who can point out the techniques to use.
  4. The Newcastle Freeway is never empty, Loz, no matter what hour of the day or night. And a goodly section of it northbound is posted at 80 kph, not 110 kph, like the rest.

    Raven makes a good point about relating your riding behaviour to adverse circumstances and the exceptional; 130 on that road is easy to do, but with the Queensland numpties travelling home, and tourists in renta-racers and wombats and li'l old ladies in Corollas, it's not as benign as it looks. If you ride for the worst case scenario, either on the highway or around town, you stand a better survival chance.....
  5. yeah it wasnt empty, was around 7pm so there were still a few cars around. its a cbr 250 and i must have had it up to about 150 at some point but mostly around 120 ( i was following my friend in a car). Only once did i feel not in control when i hit a bump at the start of a bridge and jumped out my seat a little bit. scary shit. I think i just need to get out with some experienced riders, hear some stories and get experience. Whats the best way to practice emergency braking?
  6. All those reverse camber corners are a pain in the neck and the wind tunnels. I used to drive this road a lot when I lived in newcastle and the problem is that it is so flat and long and boring you zone out, not a good move on a bike. :shock:
  7. Emergancy braking find a quiet spot somewhere and start out small and try to stop as fast as you can.
  8. Congrats on your baby, Moad :grin:
    What riding gear are you wearing? Maybe you need to feel a little more vulnerable and go naked :LOL: Just kidding. I'm always an advocate for protecting yourself. This just made me thing of another thread
    Er hum... back on topic. +1 what Raven said. Imagine things happening while you're out there and think about how you would deal with it. That can sure help bring you back to reality.

    +1 Cleverlie... Practise emergency stops approaching an intersection when there's nobody behind you - give yourself extra room in case you misjudge.

    Best to pick yourself up on it now rather than learning by being in hospital. Read Jax thread
    or losing your licence.
  9. i read that last night, pretty amazing story. thanks for the tips
  10. Freeways are easy. I'd be worried if you're very complacent without experience. So maybe go to youtube and watch some bike crash vids to bring you back to reality. Complacent is never a good thing.
  11. yeah im more switched on the street, always setup at intersections etc. just need to ride with experienced riders to get the lane position and other things right.
  12. Try imagining every car is an unmarked police car and every tree/bridge/post hides a radar wielding maniac.

    This is what I do and it scares the crap out of me :shock:
  13. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean every is not out to get you :eek:hno:
  14. dont worry moad.

    positive confident riding is a good approach. (as long as you dont get stupid) you will find youre very stable on the bike.
    when people are nervous they get jittery, and when jittery the bike is more likely to wobble. so youre doing good. like i said jsut know where your confidence and your ability check.

    practice you slow technique as well as your fast. pay attention to your surroundings and think about your actions and you will be sweet.

    have fun and enjoy. :cool:

    sounds like your enxt step is superbike school at eastern creek or stay upright!
  15. thanks again for the replies. I dont know about superbike school hahaha, im considering doing a safety course though, maybe a defensive riding or something similar. I just cant wait to get out on a group ride.
  16. Try practicing coming to a dead stop from 40 or 50 k first. if you just whack the brakes on going fast and don't know what you are doing you'll lock the back and up and over you go. I scared the bejesus out of myself when I first got the bike but managed to keep it straight.