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Bit too much front brake

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lockie, Jun 13, 2012.

  2. Both riders have to share the blame for that one?
  3. Do they? I thought if you were going to pass under brakes (or in his case, over) you did it on the outside?
  4. Holly shit is that for real??? I didn't know brakes could grab that hard at that sort of speed?!?!
  5. You decide your brake application pressure. Physics decides if you win or fly.
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  6. The bike was pretty hard under brakes...hadn't the rider in white make a sudden change in line, I reckon the crashed rider would have made the corner...albeit non-race line.

    That was a pretty big change of line for the white rider...the crashed rider probably thought he'd make it passed him under brakes and tip in, if the white rider was to keep to his initial line. What's even more odd, the white rider changed his "line" to queue up behind the riders in front...wasn't even tipping into the corner as he made that move.

    That would have sucked if the crashed rider was a front runner passing back markers.
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  7. Do a flip!

  8. Whoa. I'll give that flip about an 8.9.
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    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.
  10. never mind.
  11. Aaaaaaand that's why I don't want to stick to powerful brakes onto my X7...
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    Posted this in the wrong thread yesterday:

    I thought it was a trackday, turns out it was a race. Another view here at around 23:40: [media=youtube]Fg5y9t6sFtc[/media]
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    annnnnnd there goes his left knee/leg. that looked painful
  14. ^^^ maaaad broken leg there. Weird, I could tell it was definitely a race, but I thought it was an xbox race (or similar) just from the shape and look of everything. There was one or two hints it wasn't, but other than that it had all the signs of a sim racer.