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Bit The Bullet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heathermac, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hi, thought I'd give you an update on my progress with the Kawaka.

    I was very very nervous about being able to handle the 750 after the baby Hyosung 250 cruiser, so the longer it was taking to get on the road the longer I had not to have to get on the huge looking red monster, well, it looked huge for me to handle anyway.

    After dropping it already at 1 KPH ?? out of the carport, "what the hell" how am I going to handle this s**t of a thing, thinking "I want my cruiser back "

    My instructor was getting impatient as he knew the longer I was not riding the harder it was going to be to get me back in the saddle, soooo true.

    Off we go two up on it, then I'm asked, " wanna go into the car park? have a practice " I had to do it. That went ok, basically, straight lines, next day, bigger car park, handled a little easier than I'd built up in my head, I"m guessing that could have s'thing to do with being a woman?? felt quite comfortable other than the fact that I can't balance it the same as the cruiser, just need more time on it to find my best way of doing it. I was happy with my braking, turning & starts on it tho.

    D day, into the traffic, the traffic doesn't actually worry me but I was still feeling around for pedals etc and feeling the speed difference. Went better than I had thought but did make the mistake of going into peak hour when everyone's in a rush to get home after their day's work & probably a little impatient?? hence was cut off twice, much to Deadman's disgust, :censored: as you can well imagine, he is a tad protective of me when I'm under instruction. lol. Thank goodness.

    Home, Oh No, the fenckin drive, stress!!!
    Ooooh forgot, It's cemented,
    Ye Ha, pure bliss going up it.
    No drops!!!! =D>

    Big " Thanks" once again to a very patient instructor.
    I must say Robsalv, on doing my cornering, rounabouts & bends, one of you frequent posts kept creeping into my head, which made me feel a little more confident, thank you, to you too.

    I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this new toy.
    Cheers H.
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  2. Well done Heather.
    Anytime you are unsure when the road gets a bit rough (the old driveway) remember to give a bit more throttle. Easier to balance with a bit of speed than too slow.
    Onwards and upwards!

  3. You should try and get as much tutelage from the Deadman before he sails off again.

    Hope it all goes well.
  4. Good work Heather. Just remember too that they are easier to handle when riding at a respectable pace than at 1 kph.

    You going to come to practice and show us how you're doing?
  5. Well done, I had a similar experience with my Z750 and sadly I decided to sell it instead of persevering with getting used to the bike. Kawasaki make a great bike, and it sounds like you've conquered the beast.
  6. only one way to learn!

    i just went from a 250 KLX road/trail to a R6, so its a little (lot) different.
    Just been trying to ride it as much as possible and clock up the miles,
    get used to it a bit. It takes a little while to adapt, but after that its fine.
    Now i'm trying to explore what it (I) can do! fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!! and a bit more fun.

    Hehe, never had the wheels spin at 140kph in a straight line before (wet), actually the KLX's top speed was around that.

    did you know sportbikes are really fast?lol
  7. From the title I came in expecting to see that you'd bought an Enfield haha
  8. Yep, Greyie, will get there, WHEN I've had a little more practice on familiar territory, maybe we'll 2 up there first, then I can just do the practice.
    Hi HB, I do, continually, whether I ask or not.
    I have found it easier than the cruiser to handle so far? early days tho.
    Cheers H
  9. Ta Cam, gradually finding that out,
    Cheers H
  10. The Red Rattler will be there in the morning, Make that today, Two up, as Madam is not confident enough of travelling through the traffic to get there yet,

    That just takes time and miles under her Bum, But she is getting there,

    I have been working on it, Changed the front rotors for the roadworthy, old ones were 4 mm and stuffed, new ones are 5 mm, The controls on the bars were turning, so I pulled them apart, drilled them out because the locator pins were snapped off, and glued new pins in,

    I quite like riding it, Its not a get up and gone bike, it just pulls away nice and steady, Its a very good learners bike, but its also got enough Pizzaz for a long distance Cruisy ride as well,

    Big difference for me, Riding the Red Rattler, screwing it on to get to the limit, instead of shutting the Moped down all the time, As it doesnt know what slow is, Hahahahaha

  11. So which is the red rattler then, HM or the bike?
  12. The mind boggles with an answer to that, and the way it could be taken, so I can only answer that safely by saying,

    The Red Rattler is a motor cycle, Kwaka 2002, ZR7 750 Red in colour, Hahahahahaha, Sic minds,

    I got drowned coming home from Saturdays practice, Naked bikes, I had forgotten how exposed you are,

    My Moped, with the double bubble and the full fairing keeps me mostly dry, My face. tops of my legs and my arms and hands get wet,

    The Red Rattler. My boots, legs, the whole upper body, All of me, even my scarfe was a sodden mess when I got home,

    Pulled up under the East link Freeway Bridge and waited till it finished, but it was too late by then,

    But she handled the cones very well, zipping in and out, I am impressed with her riding on it,

    Other than getting drowned on it, I quite like riding it myself, Very Gutless compared to the Moped, But it does what it does very well, Excellent learners bike, especially for some one that isnt an adrenilin junky,

    Its a very good bike for Heather to ride, We will have to go for a big ride now to see how it goes with her bad back, Hope it cures her back problems,