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Bit off more then he could chew!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Monday me and a mate (HI TWISTIES!) went for a 100k ride which was all good, not a single cop on the roads (that we could see) the mountains were mostly free of traffic and only had one or two wet corners but other then that beautiful day.

    We finished up, at a supermarket looking for cold drinks, I was leading the way because he’s not from this side of Melbourne and as we entered the Shopping square I crossed the zebra crossing but as i did a man to my left got very angry and went to throw something at me, i ducked and grabbed a handful of front brake and stopped, he came over saying he almost threw his keys at me! WTF! he claims i almost ran him over even though he had only just started to cross and was 3 car widths away from me (Bad day at work maybe) so i attempted to educate him on the types of crossings in Victoria and their various laws, he didn’t take kindly to this and started yelling "Tell me the rules again" a few times while violently grabbing me, he pushed and pulled at me trying to pull or push me off the bike.

    The guy was short'ish (Compared to me) but sitting on the GPX he looked like he could be 2 feet taller, ok so now he starts screaming to me "GET OFF THE BIKE" over and over so when he lets go i ride off round the corner and park, I'm half willing to let it go and half wanting to throw him through a window.

    I get my gear off and head towards the supermarket when I see the guy again looking very angry and kinda heading past me like he doesn't recognise me without the all the gear and helmet on, he’s almost about to pass me when he realizes I’m looking at him in an angry way too!

    He does a double take now that I’m standing up my 6'3 + the heels on the boots i obviously look a little bit more intimidating then he thought but never the less he wants to be a tough guy so he grabs my t-shirt!

    By now i know this little shit is a nut case, i grab him back so i can keep him at arms length, he tried his hardest to swing me around and get me on the ground, after the 3rd attempt we're out on the roadway in the car park (Twisties tole me after we scared some guy off, he got out of his car with his young son and ran) he pulls at me so hard he rips my t-shirt half off so it looks like i have a mini black Toga on.

    Now I’m getting sick of him, he’s not letting go and he’s trying his hardest to get me on the ground, god knows why, maybe he thought if he got me to go over he’d have won and could walk away content knowing he’s the toughest bogan around, so I punch him in the jaw, then again on the cheek and again right next his eye then again on the top of his head, he’s still not letting go!! I pull his jumper and t-shirt over his head so he cant see and he still holds on and rips my t-shirt some more!!! I’m almost half naked here and I’m not the type to strut around like that so i just wanna leave, so i knee him a couple of times but his head has his jumper over it so its like a cushion and has little to no effect, Thankfully some rando starts to yell at him that its not worth fighting over something stupid and he lets go and leaves..

    I get my gear on and go to leave with Twisties when he comes back with his mobile phone and he takes a photo of us and out rego’s with it saying "SEE YOU IN COURT!" i just replied "Good luck" and rode off around the car park to the far side exit, we got there fairly quickly but not quick enough, this complete irrational moron was there with a rock twice the size of his fist! He kinda bends his knees a little and makes a throwing action at me, again I duck but this time speed up seeking cover behind a 4x4 that’s leaving the car park too.... we head straight to a police station to seek advice,

    The female cop I spoke to told me she doubts the guy will do anything about it but just in case she took our details down and told us to go home and write down our versions of events, so we did that and that’s basically what you just read..

    I’m not really worried about being charged because I know all I’m really doing is defending myself after being attacked.

    But the thing i am worried about is, i go to that supermarket all the time , its close to home and i talk to the people that work there, if he comes back and sees my bike there chances are he’s going to do something stupid like kick it over and piss off, leaving me with a broken bike and no idea who this guy is or how to find him.

    What a conundrum.

    Anyway, more sharing then anything, but please share any similar experiences you have had.
  2. Whoa what a story. Sounds like you just met a complete nut.

    Had a good laugh how you recalled exactly where and which order you hit him :LOL:
  3. Damn that sucks mate!

    Sounds like a case of small man syndrome!

    I hope you don't end up in a legal shitfight/headache over it all. Hopefully the bike is safe aswell!
  4. LOL thats what the cop said!

    The bike is fine, having long legs helped me keep it upright, the only problem is the knuckle on my index finger is sore and my fav t-shirt is ruined.
  5. not much you can do about it if he wants to be a di#k%^ead, i dont know of any devices that stop the bike from being pushed over
  6. Yeah he ducked his head down a little further each time i hit him, I didn't really want to hit him at all, i didn't want to be involved in a fight and defiantly not in a public place i frequent, but i felt i had little choice nobody else was coming to help me out.

    must admit it was a bit of an ego boost even though i was (a lot) bigger then the guy.
  7. Where's a coat hook when you need one?

    Hang this nutjob up by the collar like they did to him in school - possibly why he is a nutjob :D
  8. you are an evil, evil, fekkin' bikie :shock: ......and thats the reason why
    the laws have had ta be changed......to protect people like this poor bloody pedestrian from the likes of you.

    :p Kidding........hope no shit comes down on you mate
  9. Champion write-up! I'd say theres stuff all chance of him proceeding with anything. Its you two against him anyway if it comes to it, plus any witnesses which might come forth. The very fact you decided to contact the police sways things in your favour. I'd say just relax.

    The point about him messing your bike over is a good one. An alarm may help, as might a cheap bike cover to mask it from his peering bogan peepers. I'd use a cover anyway, protects the bike a bit and keeps it dry on wet days.

    Good stuff on whacking the sucker a few - boingk
  10. so what was your mate doing? watching?
  11. Good question. Must have been tucking into the popcorn and enjoying the show?
  12. if you had a decent friend ... he would offer you popcorn while he watched...
  13. or called the police to attend for you.
  14. My thought exactly - at least run over and hold your mates bike!
  15. Excellent idea that you went to the police.

    and you obviously didnt punch him very hard if he's not down after 2 punches. either have twigs for arms or you really didnt want to hit him at all.
    honestly. his jumper over his head would have been hilarious.

    I do agree with you that he sounds like the sort who will take it out on your bike or other bikes that he thinks is yours.

    good luck buddy
  16. Free legal advice, please ( :wink: )...

    What's the story with restraining (ie. NOT hitting) a person who is attempting to do you physical harm? Hypothetically, can you hold the guy down until the cops arrive?

    (Not directly the situation in OP, I know. But it might have been with other victim(s).)
  17. Three hits and he didn't go down, tsk tsk. Should of swept out his legs and then sat on him, or judicious use of boots on throat/chest. With the ripped shirt, you sound like Captain James T Kirk :LOL:

    Hope nothing come of it though, the guy probaby shat himself because he didn't see/hear you.
  18. can anyone else hear the benny hill music or is it just me?? lol

  19. Well i'm not pro fighter but it was kinda hard to get a swing in while his arms were blocking the sides of his face and he was holding on to both my shoulders so his head was very close to mine with his arms fully extended and i was holding him with my left hand at the time too so the only way i could get to his face at all was from a downwards angle from very close range.

    And about the bike, hopefully when i'm off restrictions on the 18 i can change a bike then wont have to worry about it anymore (if only i could afford a bigger one)
  20. Sounds like a prefect situation for an uppercut or even better an arm bar, submission holds are very embarrassing. :wink: