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bit of sobering up anyone??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Coconuts, Apr 13, 2006.


    this is not for squeemish people, this is not for sensitive people. dont biatch at me for posting this link if you are one of either sort of people and clicked it.

    basically, a person has put together a site showing some of the realities of bike accidents. there is some pretty graphic stuff on there that you may or may not have seen before circulating the net, just bear this in mind before you start scrolling down the page, i do know people that would be sick looking at a couple of the pics there :?

    and before anyone starts on me saying "why did you post it when you know its icky" etc etc. its because some people may find it interesting, some people might find it informative and it might even change some peoples views on riding (didn't change mine, but if you read the comments page there, there was more than a couple of people with changed perceptions)

    if thats not enuff of a warning for anyone, well theres no pleasing you :roll:

  2. oh yeah, and take whatever message you want from the place, i'm not telling you what you should or shouldn't think after seeing it.

    to me its just another reminder of what shit can happen and what you can do to minimise it.... and that helmets are good, goddamn stupid yanks not wearing them, i just dont get it :shock:
  3. damn... nearly been cleaned up like that at a set of lights... was at the front with no1 stopped behind me and a car just wasn't goin to stop so I moved over quickly & he went straight throught the red light :evil:

    would've been a mess :shock: I think that vid should b shown to riders just to let them kno to keep an eye on ur mirrors when stopped at lights!!
  4. Jeebus, sobering is a very good name for this thread...

    Damn :!:

    Reminds you that you really have to have eyes in the back of ya head...
  5. So so sad... poor riders. Some from reading that were deliberate acts by truck drivers and car drivers. "Dragged the bike down xxx town road" "honked horn then ran over rider" etc... damn sick....

    I hat e the doof doof dragster wanabe cars that dont look and just act :evil:
  6. Of all the pictures shown, the one last two are the worst for me, you can see that the rider was wearing all the recomended gear and it hasn't helped him (?) at all.

    My mum tells me stories about being first to turn up at car crashes before the days of seatbelts, I these pictures are similar to what she must have been exposed to as a young copper, I guess I understand where the nagging comes from now :grin:

    Dont take this the wrong way but you have to die of something, it may as well be while your having fun.
  7. Congrats on what I would call a very sensible post.

    To be safe riders, I think it's quite important we know the consequences of not wearing safety equipment, and not being 110% vigilant.
  8. Yes very Sobering. There is always the scary side of reality out there isn't there!

    Keep the rubber side down guys. Have a Safe Easter.
  9. I found the Forum that this was posted on alittle while back when searching for a GSXR vs Rocket III video clip. I was VERY disturbed by the pictures and i don't get shocked, disturbed, feel sick easily as i ahve seen some pretty nasty stuff in real life.

    However if people want to read the story behind the accident then click on the like. I will enforce Coconuts waning again however as the pictures are very graphic and highly disturbing




    P.S. for the record i have not looked at this site since i accidentally discovered it as i found it very disgusting, highly disturbing and there was abosolutely no need for me to see stuff like that.
  10. very interesting site.
    One thing I noticed is there is a mix of accidents with some being rider fault (bike crosses double white lines into oncoming bus) and some being other vehicle fault (trucks running over guys at traffic lights)

    Certainly reminds you that this may be fun but it's also dangerous.

    Take care on the roads over easter guys.
  11. BTW - the last few photos made me shut the browser down as I nearly threw up.

    just a warning for others.
  12. this thread could easily b taken off course like most of the threads on here... but it's good to see some sense!!

    The reality is, if we r hit on our bikes (especially from behind) then the result can be fatal... I think about 90% (or some very high percentage) of riders killed on the roads are hit from behind... and then the majority are hit from behind whilst stopped in traffic, ie. traffic lights etc. :evil:

    I'm ordering a set of eyes for the back of my head from eBay now... just can't find the right colour yet :p
  13. Well I've fallen off before so I already know it hurts, although I've never died :idea:

    I don't feel that much soberer either. :roll:
  14. just make sure you get ones that match your bike & gear otherwise you'll look really silly!
  15. yep tragic.. yet mostly involves barely any protection (helmet) or excessive speed..

    that florida one is terrible... :eek: :eek:

    seemed like there was two people involved.. by the bike boots and the street shoe.

    life is so fragile.... :cry:
  16. Thanks very much for the cautious warning.
    I'm happy not to click through, some things i don't need to see.
  17. Yeah it is very well needed. I can tell you know that i am not sensitive too some quite graphic scence (i have bee on the scene of an truck hitting a market trolley carrying a ~8-9yr old kid in Timor).

    I can quite honestly say however i wish i never saw the images i accidentally found in the link to the florida accident. I felt 'disturbed' in a big way after seeing them, especially considering they were so unexpected.
  18. I think this shouldnt be a post - netrider should encorage new riders to act safetly, not scare them into getting cars.... - i think a few pictures of road rash would be sufficient - not bodies that are unrecognisable (been magled) that have been brushed off to the side of the road....

    All these photos are american sites - does the equivelent (in amount of deaths) happen in Aus?
  19. The reality of these pics is doing plenty to encourage me to act safely
  20. Im referring to new/prospective riders who visit this website....