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Bit of rear end indicator bling.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by murchy, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. #1 murchy, Oct 6, 2011
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    So I'm considering doing something similar to this video on my bike:

    I'm pretty confident in my ability to fumble my way into following the wires to their end points and make assumptions about where I should install flasher relays and the like, but am hoping to collect some opinions before I dive in.

    Was hoping to open up a bit of discussion on the following:

    1. I'm pretty sure they won't be 100% legal, but if I do a pretty clean job of it, how many cops will think anything of it?

    2. Any tips on drilling multiple small holes pretty close together in fairings?

    3. General tips on motorbike electronic work (Example: I've installed about a million car stereos for friends, and have lost count of the amount of times I forget to connect the antenna since I never use the radio)
  2. Yeah, the tiny battery and wide rev range means the voltage is all over the place. Mine varies from about 12.4 at idle to about 14.2 at over 6000RPM. You'll need to account for this if you use anything linear to drive LEDs.
  3. +1 to wokwon. I replaced the stock RR on mine with a mosfet one from an R1, and it puts out a constant 14.5v from idle through to the red. Will make your life a bit easier. All up I was out $120 for parts, took me about 3hrs to install.
  4. Yeah except now your tacho doesn't work :p
  5. It did that before I installed it :(. Also it does it without the HIDs on (it spikes when I put the indicators on). Some wiring somewhere's reached the end of its life. Or maybe I should just chuck the ferrites in around the tach
  6. I like it and i dodnt think the police will give you a hard time as long as you make it look as factory as possible

    ( I didnt like the front number plate though on the windscreen) it may give bureaucrats an idea
  7. unless that video is showing bad colour they will at least need to be amber in colour. Other then that I can't see one problem at all with them, since indicators have to be 180mm between left/right. (even though I put a integrated tailight on my Hyo) :)
  8. Let's see some pics of the project when done, I like the look, very sleek.
  9. that number plate on the windscreen is an India thing i believe, but most of the images ive seen its done with stickers.