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Bit of a noob, looking for some help?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vicenza, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hello I am sorry if this is the wrong place but I was referred here by some mates who couldn't give me help.

    Basically I just got my Ls(yay) and im getting a ninja 250 within a week or two, I went out and bought a shark vision R series 2 helmet and got a leather jacket for 300 freakin dollars and then got gloves.

    I am new to riding but the moment I did the test and had my 7 hours practice on that bike I fell in love, I absolutely loved the experience and it became like a drug to me. I am quite a fat guy, yep.. Throwing it out there, I aint ashamed! I am close to 6ft and about 125kg's. Now I have a few questions I was hoping some of you might be able to answer or even give your advice/opinion on :)

    1) The leather jacket was the largest size they had for the price tag I could afford, it hurts when I do it up(I can't breathe) is it ok to ride with it not zipped up?

    2) I want to buy a DARK tinted visor, like black. I want nobody to be able to see into my helmet. But I cannot seem to find where to buy it? Money isn't really an issue for this request but I really cannot find it! I can find "light" tinted etc but for a vision R I cannot find any dark ones :(

    3) I am not worried about the bike slowing down due to my weight, yeah i'm a big guy but I had no trouble going faster than everyone on my learners course ;D but I cannot get my boots on? They fit into my feet but when I go to zip it up(it's a shin one) it just WONT GET OVER MY SHIN! I asked my instructor and he said he has the same problem along with many people in his family, he had no advice :( Can I just wear runners?

    4) Do pants really matter? I am unable to afford any pants to wear(The reason I said the tinted visor isnt an issue is because a family member is getting it for me) but I heard as long as I have my helmet, jacket and gloves i'll be fine, boots would be nice but not essential and pants wont do much, was this bad advice?

    Once again if this is the wrong place I really do apologise, I just really want some advice haha xD Thankyou in advance ._.
  2. There are big jackets, but often not big enough. Some brands make bigger ones and sell them in the U.S. market.
    A lightly tinted visor once fitted to the helmet can look very dark as there is no light coming from the inside of the helmet. You can perve on the girls crossing he road without getting busted ;)

    Pants are as important as the rest of the gear. You can get Draggin jeans (USA draggin not Aus) in massive sizes and they are half the price of the ones sold here. They have an agreement not to ship to Aus but PM me for info on how to get around that.
    Skinning any part of yourself won't be a fun exercise.
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  3. Gears and armours are going to be the best money you've ever spent ,so ..yes get your self some good jeans and knee armour as well .
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  4. Don't get a ninja 250 if u weigh 125kgs. A 650 cc bike will suit u better
  5. I mostly agree with the earlier comments. A 250cc bike is pointless for a larger person. Get a larger capacity (at least 400cc), but ideally 500cc or up to 650cc. You will grow tired and frustrated of a 250cc in a matter of weeks.

    Don't buy anything that doesn't fit comfortably. When trying on jackets take a jumper, sloppy joe, etc with you as you will probably need to wear additional layers in winter. If you can't get leather to fit, DriRider and some of the other brands of textile jackets do up to 6XL (though leather offers greater protection). Don't ride with a jacket that isn't fully zipped up. An unzipped jacket can be torn off during an accident (no protection there), can get caught when you fall adding to injuries.

    Don't buy a dark visor unless you plan to carry the normal clear visor when you ride. If you get caught in a thunderstorm or need to ride when it is dark you can't see well. Use sunglasses; after-all you bought a Vision R which has the cut outs for glasses.

    Boots, same comment as jacket except no need to try a jumper on under your boots. Running shoes offer no protection in an off. You're particularly looking tor protection around the ankle area in boots; runners are useless. High boots are, in my opinion, better than low cut boots.

    Pants are very handy, as your legs are as likely to sustain injury (sliding down the road) as any other part of your body). If you intend to continue to ride, invest in a pair.

    In short you need good quality protective gear (helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots) that fit, are done up correctly, and used each time you ride. If its too hot to put your gear on, take the car!
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  6. Hey and welcome. My 6 foot son was dead set on a Ninja until I pointed out that the bike looked too small for him, especially if his 5' mum could sit on one (just). I asked him to sit on a few more and he ended up with a CB300 and loves it to bits. But he's been told that he even looks too big on the CB even though he's an athletic build. I think he looks gorgeous.

    As for gear, it took me a long time to find a jacket that fits and I did not venture past our road until I got it. Getting good fitting gear at the opposite end of the scale (kiddies size :banghead:) was really hard and delayed my start, but I wasn't going anywhere near fast moving traffic without it.

    Tinted visors? The Boy and I are currently engaged in a heated debate about them.
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  7. Welcome to Netrider, I have moved your thread to a more suitable sub forum. When you get a chance it is one of the traditions around here that new members post up an introduction thread in the Welcome lounge. You will often get better responses if other members know a bit about you.

    All good advice above, riding gear should be comfortable, as a new rider you are concentrating mainly on just riding the bike you don't want distractions because clothing doesn't fit. Leaving a jacket open doesn't offer you the protection it should. You may need to pay to get the jacket altered. Boots, many people have your issue, you can get custom boots made but it will not be a cheap exercise. As others have said for a larger guy get a larger bike, you will find anything under 300cc cramped, restricting and underpowered.
  8. op reads more like a troll to me
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  9. Your bum will look big on that.
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  10. I would recommend a Ninja 650 or CBR500R for a man of your size, not far off that size myself and I ride a CBR500RA :) Both these bikes are slightly larger than the 250 in both physical dimensions and power output. Both of which will matter to you.

    With regards gear, save and spend on what fits you comfortably. I have a Vision R also, the Internal visor is pretty good for most stuff and I think a smokey tint visor in combination with the internal will keep out a lot of light.

    You can get ankle type boots that still offer good protection, maybe these will be good for you if you have trouble with the boots covering your calf.
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  11. Thanks for the responses everyone :) I'm deadset on a ninja 250 or 300 regardless, sorry! It's in my budget range, I'm not super rich. The jacket I can zip up just with struggle so i'll just lose a coupe kg's and it should zip up no worries, pants i'll have to get after my first few rides(saving money for them) to the people saying not to get a ninja 250 because of my weight, I think you're either elitest or childish. There's no way I am going from never being on a bike except my test to a 650. Also i'm not a troll. If I get a tinted visor, I will carry a clear one with me as I finish work at 7pm. Also like the pants I will be bootless for about a week while I save up for boots :( I will just have to ride extra careful :) But thankyou to everyone for the advice, i'll follow most of it the best I can and I definitely will try to get more gear asap. Thankyou very much.
  12. Not necessarily, it is a fair comment that if you are a large chap then a smaller bike will be less rewarding for you. That said if you have tried the bike and are happy with it then all is well.
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  13. Yeah I tried it out, I was very happy with it xD I didn't feel cramped at all and I didn't feel like I was slowing down the bike(obviously I was a bit) but yeah, I fell in love when I sat on it xD
  14. Get your money back on the leather jacket and buy a XXL or XXXL textile jacket - yes they come on those sizes for around $300, I was 115kg myself at one stage.

    Buy some sunnies.

    Get your money back on the boots too and find a pair that fit. There are lots of brands and styles.

    Pants matter as much as a jacket, gloves and boots. You may need to do some searching on line. I know Draggin Jeans will help the 'larger gentleman' with fit.

    Now, having said that, when I first started riding my boots were my service issue GP boots.
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  15. Fair enough if the bike is what you want and can afford then no problem, as McSenna said. Peoples comments are neither elitist nor childish just practical. You will be on a LAMS bike for a few years and you may decide to trade up in size later on. The one thing a small bike teaches you is how to use the gearbox, how to be quick and positive with your changes. So from that perspective a smaller bike will teach you to be in the proper gear at all times.
  16. I found the 300 A bit more comfortable and looks better. Think about winter too. It's coming and you might want a jumper underneath your jacket.

    Locally I don't wear my boots, jacket or pants so do what you want to do. Just have fun riding.
  17. Doesn't it get painful with your tackle flapping around in the wind. :D
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  18. Best air conditioning ever, plus it makes it grow longer
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  19. What they all said. And try ankle boots - no shins to get in the way...