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bit of a late HEYA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HARV3Y, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Hey folks :D

    I wanted to wait until I got my bike before I did the big 'HELLO' msg.

    I GOT IT!

    ...so hello ;)

    Name's Renee, 20 from Brisvegas.
    Bought a bug espresso 150cc scooter for the ease of city commuting to uni and kinda fell in love with the riding (and the money saving!) Only went on a handfull of recreational rides and while I could cruise around at 90ks I couldn't exactly keep up with my bfs gixxer 750. So looked into buying a bike, thought I might out grow a 2fiddy like the scoot so opted for a K6 GS500e.

    Unfortunately the gods have THROWN it down every day since I bought him and haven't been able to take him for a real ride :(

    Last mid sem exam Monday + good weather = no one will see me for the next week :p

    Anyways folks just saying hello. You all seem a friendly bunch, (or at least the people I've talked to so far :shock: haha) can't wait to get out on some rides with you all!!! Thanks for all the responses to my previous topics you've helped at bunch.

    take it easy and nice to meet you :)
  2. Hi Ree' welcome, enjoy the stay.
  3. Welcome Renee,

    Shame about the Avatar :grin:
  4. Don't take any notice of that AFL baiting, Renee, you're allowed to support any losing club you like on Netrider :LOL:

    Welcome, seriously :grin:
  5. g'day reene,

    motorbike in good taste, football in poor taste.

    this reminds me o an email. it has a mystery club and you gotta guess who it is by the LONG list of offences.

    its the australian parliament.
  6. good call on the bike and welcome :) i am a brisvegas resident too
  7. Welcome! Good choice on the GS ;)
  8. Welcome
  9. hahahah :p to all you blues bashers!

    Wooden spoon three years running is just as hard as a premiership three years running!! lol but as long as I get to see the likes of Kouta and Murphy run around in that navy blue jersey i'll be a blues fan!

    I can't turn my heart off just because they're a losing side, just like you wouldn't quit on your beloved bike if it was on the brink...

    WHERE ARE THE BLUES SUPPORTERS??? ... i'm a dying breed :(
  10. Yeah you get used to losing....... has been 50 years since the Doggies won a premiership. :( :( :(
  11. spoken like a true Blueblood :LOL:

    I still wear my Navy jumper, even if it is covered up under my dririder :wink:
  12. Welcome to the forums Renee
    That avater should be banned from this forum :p
  13. caz we are going to get along famously! i can just tell! haha (blues vs swans just started but i'm taking my friend to the bronco's for her b'day... :'()

    Flipper bite your tounge :p do avatars usually make this much cuffufle? (sp?)